The difficult start of vaccination in nursing homes in Tarn-et-Garonne

    The difficult start of vaccination in nursing homes in Tarn-et-Garonne

    Despite the delay in ignition denounced until the top of the State, the vaccination campaign is just starting in nursing homes and among health personnel over 50 years old. In the departments, we organize ourselves. The vaccines must be received very quickly in pharmacies or hospitals, as here in Tarn-et-#Garonne where the first vaccination campaign will be carried out this Tuesday morning, January 5 with 82 residents of the nursing home in Lavit-de- Lomagne

    Doses of frozen vaccines sent to 25 pharmacies

    Complex logistics for delivering vaccine doses explains the departmental director of the ARS, David Billetorte. “The Pfizer vaccine packaged at a temperature of -80 ° travels in “Pizza boxes” packaged, designed by the laboratory and travel with carriers mandated by Public Health France. There are two supply chains. The first transports the vaccine doses to 25 pharmacies in the department. The vaccines are then thawed and must be administered within five hours _in retirement homes or long-term elderly care and accommodation units that organize vaccination. The second branch concerns hospitals. The Montauban hospital center has_a great freezer where the vaccine doses are stored more durably, but this is not the idea, because as soon as the doses received, they must be used for vaccination. “

    Within a week, the department should receive 4,875 doses of vaccines

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    Madeleine, 90, said “yes”

    The Lavit-de-#Lomagne nursing home in Tarn-et -#Garonne is the first in Midi-#Pyrénées to be vaccinated this morning. 82 of the 92 residents agreed to receive a dose of vaccine against Covid 19, it was necessary to obtain their consent and that of their families during the holidays.

    Madeleine, 90, will be vaccinated against Covid at the Lavit-de-#Lomagne nursing home © Radio France
    – Olivier Lebrun

    “Vaccinations in the past have resulted in something useful, so why not continue” launches Madeleine Rebel. This 90-year-old former farmer is afraid of the coronavirus, as “#Rage in its day, we were afraid. We must trust science ” said the nonagenarian who will be vaccinated first this Tuesday morning.

    The doses of vaccine arrived the day before at the village pharmacy, everything is ready, explains Anne-#Sophie Hervé, the director of the association which manages the retirement home. “#We have been preparing for this for ten days with doctors and pharmacists. We have five locations in the facility where we will vaccinate residents. Three doctors, two pharmacists, six nurses will do the injections. ”

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    “In June, everything will be behind us”

    « It takes thirty seconds to make this injection, as for influenza, upper arm, intramuscularly »#Adds Stéphane Smail, the referring doctor of the nursing home. “#The residents will remain under observation with a nurse for 15 minutes after the injection, and we will do a surveillance within five hours as requested for the marketing authorization for this vaccine. “

    88% of residents and their families said yes to vaccination. “They are reassured, _they hope to see their relatives more quickly_. To think that in May or June, everything will be behind us. That they will be able to see their loved ones not in a place outside their rooms, without a gown and without a mask. “ hopes the director.

    Anne-#Sophie Hervé, whose retirement home was spared by the coronavirus, recognizes that the protective measures will not be lifted, however, “Because some people are not vaccinated, health professionals are not yet vaccinated, we need collective immunity. But we will be more serene, because the vaccine will prevent the Covid from developing serious forms in our residents. “

    2,500 nursing home residents vaccinated within three weeks

    This Thursday, January 7, around fifty resident and personal volunteers will in turn be vaccinated at the Care and Accommodation Unit for the Elderly of the Montauban Hospital.

    “From next week, until the first week of February, all Ephad and long-term care units in the department will be offered vaccination, potentially 2,500 residents” indicates the Prefect of Tarn-et-#Garonne Chantal Mauchet.

    Two vaccination centers supplied by the Groupement hospitalier de Territoire du Tarn-et-#Garonne could be opened in the coming weeks to allow hospital and private health personnel to be vaccinated.

    From February, vaccination will be extended to elderly people living at home, first to people over 75, then over 65, specifies the Prefecture of Tarn-et-#Garonne

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