The disappearance of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The disappearance of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Arriving from a rally in Minnesota, Trump pretends to learn, from the journalists waiting for him, of the death of the famous judge of the Supreme Court of the United States. Taking a contrite air, he points out that this woman has known an extraordinary destiny. Some have come to believe that the man shows some respect.

Noble effort, but it smacked more of the carefully crafted statement.

She had not died for 24 hours when the man who is known as “Moscow Mitch” for his Russian allegiances was already saying he was ready to convene the Senate to vote for his succession. Dear McConnell, former Tea Party senator from Kentucky, incapable of any semblance of dignity and class.

The news of the death of this great lady caused neither more nor less than an earthquake in Washington, where she was loved and respected. The citizens of the capital rushed to gather in front of the Supreme Court building and lay flowers there. The lady deserves all the honors: eminent jurist, ardent fighter for women's rights, racial equality and the environment. A heavy loss.

Knowing that she was very ill, everyone prayed that she would survive at least until November 3.

Why? Because her disappearance allows the Joker to replace her with a very conservative judge.

And the president did not wait long to declare that he would appoint someone to succeed RBG before the election. A woman. Good player, the Joker.

Technically, given that there are about 40 days until November 3, the appointment of a new judge should go to the next president. But The Donald wants to act fast.

Because in the event of a very narrow victory for Joe Biden – and it might happen – it could be that the Supreme Court designates the next president … It happened in 2000, when a few voices separated GW Bush Al Gore. The Supreme Court ruled for Bush. So, if the majority of judges are Republicans, our man is likely to stay in the White House.

To appoint a judge to the Supreme Court is to fill a position with very great powers. And since it is the Senate, in majority Republican, which votes, the calculation is easy.

Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg who clung so hard to life. His last wish, before giving up the ghost, was that his successor be appointed after the election. A last wish that will not be granted to him.

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