The disastrous demolition of the giant tower! She fell right into the library!

Glad to see that even in bucolic Denmark, something can go wrong!

Саме провальне знесення гігантської башти! Вона впала прямо на бібліотеку!

Prince of Denmark named hamlet is clearly in his grave — this passion to create in its historic homeland! In the town of Vordingborg on Zealand island in the Baltic sea, planned to clear the coast from silos, mutilated their vile majestic view of the local port, reports Rus.Media.

It is done! Laying the explosives, has asked pregnant women, the mayor and contractors to turn away, crossed himself, and pressed the red button. TA-dam! — but the responsible persons in vocational schools was threefold in explosives, or local defense normal gunpowder was stolen, and the tower slipped obsolete, in short, something went wrong. The structure, after some hesitation, made his choice — and the whole body gracefully fell to the public library, which to his misfortune was nearby.

Police and rescue workers on duty at the place of the accident, was happily rubbed his hands, but quickly died out — victims of this disastrous fall did not happen. “Disperse, nothing to see here.” disappointedly they shouted to others.

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