The division among the Greek churches or trap for the ROC?

The statement of the Primate of the Albanian Church in support of the pan-Orthodox Council on the Ukrainian question.

Раскол среди греческих церквей или ловушка для РПЦ?

After the recognition of the Ukrainian Greek STSU (according to the ethnic composition of bishops) and Ecumenical Patriarchates of Alexandria and the Greek Church from the two other “Greek Church” indicated that not ready so just sacrifice the unity of Orthodoxy, for the sake of ethnic solidarity. The Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos Giannopoulos and Archbishop of Albania Anastasios Yannoulatos supported the call of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow to convene a pan-Orthodox discussion of the Ukrainian question.

But if the invitation of Patriarch. Jerusalem was very “streamlined”, the Archbishop. Tirana wrote a detailed “Petition-prayer overcoming Church of polarization”.

Fanar is not right that attacked Moscow – what can be protected

“The ecclesial events of the past year has created a new reality with the apparent involvement of geopolitical interests and objectives – immediately suggests the Archbishop that these “Church events” is not quite the Church. – Granting the status of autocephaly Autocephalous Church of Ukraine (uppercase and without the quotation marks in the original. – D. S.) has not brought the desired unity of the Orthodox and the world, as it was with all previous cases of the granting of autocephaly. The Central figure of the Ukrainian problem, the so-called “Patriarch” Mr. Filaret ultimately rejected Tomos, disagreeing with its contents and objectives. The division has spread to other churches and the Orthodox world as a whole”.

“At the same time, the higher the Sacrament of unity and forgiveness – the divine Eucharist was used by the Moscow Patriarchate during the confrontation as leverage. Tens of millions of Orthodox believers broke Eucharistic communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Alexandria Patriarchate and the Greek Church.” In fact, the Albanian Archbishop is accusing the Russian Church in that it follows the canons prohibiting communication with entered into communion with heretics and schismatics. Why would he not, then, to be consistent and not call themselves canons “lever of pressure”, not a means of salvation?

“On the other hand, the question of the legality of the sacraments (ordination) by the so-called “Patriarch” by Mr. Filaret, when he was condemned and excommunicated, is still a matter of controversy, admits that “partly wrong” Bartholomew the author of the statement. – Painful results (recognition of the “ordinations” by Fanara. – D. S.) well known not only in Orthodox circles, but in General throughout the Christian world.”

However, “currently, the majority of Orthodox churches keeps a disturbing silence”. “Some Church circles Express the hope that gradually all the Orthodox churches recognize the recipient of the Thomas – said the Bishop. But, even if some of the Autocephalous Churches recognize this Tomos, many others, as they managed to declare, will remain in his rejection. In the end, this will lead to schism [Orthodoxy] on the basis of ethnicity (on the Greeks, the Slavs and those who want harmonious relations with all) that negates the multinational and multicultural nature of Orthodoxy and its universality”.

The author urged “to urgently find ways of overcoming Church of polarization”, but then indicates the desired way: “only serious dialogue can ease tensions”. Thus “any delay exacerbates an already painful situation.” Therefore, “if we rely on the fact that the “solution” will be found “in the future,” in the history of Orthodoxy will be many unpleasant pages. The fundamental principle of the Catholicity of the Church – the only way to resolve the current crisis”.

In the last sentence seems a reproach Bartholomew with his Popish approaches. However, according to the Archbishop of the Albanian, “the initiative of healing the new reality, undoubtedly, is the responsibility of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, but “all the Autocephalous Churches, all Orthodox Christians are responsible for promoting reconciliation”.

To make sure that we understood all the meanings of the message, and indeed correctly translated from the Albanian-Byzantine, let us remember the previous statement of the Archbishop of Tirana and all Albania Anastasia on the issue of STSU.

“With special cynicism”

Back in October of last year the Archbishop. Anastasios warned that the ongoing Panaram Association “Kiev Patriarchate” and the UAOC “resembles a dangerous undertaking with unforeseen side effects”: “Warring factions will retain its individuality… in the end, instead of unity of the Orthodox in Ukraine emerges the danger of a split of the unity of world Orthodoxy”. In a letter of response to the invitation of the Patriarch of Moscow on a pan-Orthodox discussion of the situation, he assured: “We must do everything to return to the Meetings of the primates and the planning of the new Great Council”.

In January of this year – after the giving of Ukraine “Thomas” – Archbishop. Anastasius on behalf of the Synod of APTS, though, and recalled his “very beloved brother,” Bartholomew about his criticism of “hasty decisions of the Russian Church about Eucharistic communion”, but very convincingly proved that he Bartholomew “ignored the basic principles of the Church”, acknowledging the “ordination” committed “the main founder of the Church of the Ukrainian crisis, Mr. Filaret Denysenko”. And stressed that “the election of the new Primate of the Church of Ukraine was the result of persistence of the same Mr. Filaret”.

In a letter to the Archbishop. Anastasia Bartholomew more clearly expressed the thought out of his last appeal: “the Forecasts that supposedly the current turmoil and apparent separation will last long, and all the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches eventually take what happened from the point of view of anyone who knows basic history of Church divisions and the resistance of religious fanaticism can be recognized only unfounded estimates. In addition, the soothing suggestions of some that it will happen in the next century, are especially cynical. Serious wounds if they are not timely cured, not treated with time. They usually only expand and become even worse”.

“So… the Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church sends heartfelt appeal to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, fulfilling his exclusive prerogative to coordinate the Orthodox Churches, convened as soon as possible pan-Orthodox Meeting (Synaxis) or the Cathedral to prevent clearly threatens us the danger of a painful schism that could damage the credibility and value of the witness of Orthodoxy in the modern world”, – says Archbishop. Anastasius to Bartholomew in the last hope, although as Professor of the faculty of Theology, University of Athens cannot but know that even the theologians of the past, when the Patriarchate of Constantinople was really the universe, refused him “exclusive prerogative to coordinate the Orthodox Church”. But note that the last message to the Archbishop. Anastasia says is not about the “exclusive prerogative of the Ecumenical Patriarch”, and his duties. Without specifying “exceptional”.

Bartholomew responded with another verbiage and the Archbishop. Anastasius no longer stands: “the Existing different points of view are not solved by tightening monologues, statements, correspondence… Crises are overcome through unity, which means the meeting with prayer and discussion of responsible representatives of the local Orthodox Churches. Then with the grace of the Holy spirit such Council will be able in love to find the right decision”.

The Primate of the APC said: “Our concern focused entirely on the key question of ordination of bishops and Apostolic succession”.

That is enough to convince Bartholomew to make a canonical ordination of Ministers STSU to the question, splitting according to his recognition of the Orthodox world, resolved? Does this mean that with other crimes of the canons, with the very fact of the invasion Bartholomew on the canonical territory of Russian Orthodox Church Archbishop. Anastasius is willing to accept?

Alas, the Albanian Primate, appears ready to accept, even with the “ordinations” “Filaret” and “hemispherical”.

Here’s what he wrote in may a prominent theologian Theodore Zisis on occasion, we quoted the letters to Bartholomew.

“The Primate of the Albanian Church Anastasius, though dared and fairly convincingly at a high scientific level to challenge the granting of autocephaly to the schismatics in Ukraine, at the same time, so as not to look a Russophile, also accused the Russian Orthodox Church, partly to satisfy ethnophiletism supporters Fanara…

…It depreciated its Orthodox resistance in the matter of pseudoacromegaly Ukrainian schismatics and surprised us with an explanatory statement at the end of the second document, saying that if there is a split because of the erroneous actions of Mr. Bartholomew (which he painted), the Albanian Church will be on the side of those who provoked the split. That is, the Archbishop of Albania will send its flock to the death, as neither heresy nor schism does not lead to salvation…”

Literally he writes: “to avoid any confusion, we clarify that in the case of the tragic outcome of a split (and do not allow it Lord!) Albanian Autocephalous Orthodox Church will remain with true love on the side of the Ecumenical Patriarchate”.

So, it is urgent to abandon the pan-Orthodox discussion? In fact, as we have seen, “Greek Orthodoxy” whatever the outcome of the discussion will not consubstantial with the Truth, and half-Bartholomew.

To go!

To save the Earthly Church with heretics relations it is necessary to tear in the most urgent way. However, before we announce the anathema Bartholomew & Co., should be in direct communication with representatives of all the local churches to Express canonically correct argument around the bouquet of their heresies. Subsequent to the excommunication of dissenters from the us itself (that is, from the Church, remaining faithful to the canons) did not look like revenge in the eyes of the rest of the world. And if the meeting will be present Bartholomew – the better. Let it be a confrontation. The main thing is to convey their arguments to swing. God willing, we’ll be saved and several local churches.

Mark of Ephesus did not fear to remain in allegiance to Truth alone, when the whole Ecumenical Patriarchate fell into a Union with Rome. We’re now the largest Church in the world. However, the task of the Russian Church – not to win a public dispute (especially arithmetic), and to keep yourself in – let and only the purity of faithfulness to the canons.Dmitry Skvortsov

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