The docs specialists are still negotiating

The medical specialists will continue discussions with Québec in order to come to an agreement after a first attempt that failed.

Even if officially there is still no agreement with the government, the Federation of medical specialists of Quebec (FMSQ) has sent to its members two weeks ago a table explaining the compensation envisaged during the crisis.

“This draft agreement is null and void “, has, however, clarified Thursday the director of public affairs for the Federation of medical specialists, Jacques Tétrault, adding that discussions were ongoing with Quebec.

According to this first draft of the agreement obtained by our Office of investigation, it provided for a “specific package pandemic” of $ 650 in increments of four hours. A doctor could not charge more than three packages per day for a total of 1950 $.

Work messed

The doctors would also have the option of asking 70 or $ 125 per visit patients related to the COVID-19. For telemedicine, it is expected a maximum of $ 300 per hour.

The experts, however, say wait to send their invoices as the agreement is not finalized.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the work of the specialists was turned upside-down. Thousands of surgeries have been cancelled and several appointment “outpatient clinic” have been deferred.

If some were reassigned to other tasks, others have seen their work greatly diminish. Those who have not been reassigned would have been entitled to the package pandemic, according to the document. They would also be able to opt for an amount representing the average remuneration of medical specialists.

“There will be no unemployment insurance. You’re paid if you work “, however nuanced Jacques Tétrault.

New rules of the game

At the FMSQ, it indicates that the specialists have not negotiated this agreement in order to make more money, but rather, it is a compensation alternative.

“The rules of the game have changed “, we are told. Even if a doctor can always continue to bill to the act, it is still necessary that it can have patients.

In several institutions, one has, however, requested the specialists to be prepared to cope with an increase in the number of hospitalizations related to the pandemic. Some of them will be doing the work of a different kind.

The compensation related to the COVID-19 will be retroactive to march 16 and is expected to stretch until June 30.

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