The doctor explained, what are the risks of late fatherhood

The specialist explained that “the late” parents are less likely to conceive and give birth to a healthy child, unlike young people.

Лікар пояснив, чим небезпечне пізнє батьківство

Children who are born to young parents are healthier and hardier than their parents who are already 30-40 years, informs Rus.Media.

Young women are more likely to bear a healthy child, unlike so-called “age” mom.

This was stated, obstetrician, perinatal psychologist Alexander Kobasa.

“With age, we accumulate some diseases which can become chronic, and by 30 years many people have some chronic diseases, e.g. chronic cholecystitis, chronic pyelonephritis, and it can affect the course of pregnancy, to a lesser extent, the course of labor.

In addition, by this age, people can be let through all sorts of diseases and bad habits,” explained the medic.

However, the doctor added that people who become fathers in adulthood, more consciously relate to the birth of a child. For them, pregnancy is more “planned, programmed event”, and if they are solved at the birth of the baby, they will provide it with all necessary. While young people often “let it go”.

However kabasa added that young people are more healthy, so their offspring will also be more healthy.

“The organisms themselves, young more healthy, it’s true. They are born healthier and stronger, more resilient children than elderly parents. For the same reason – they’re still healthy, they haven’t let through a lot of diseases,” said the doctor.