The doctor listed available products that increase testosterone

Врач перечислил доступные продукты, повышающие тестостерон

The “male” hormone testosterone necessary for human organism for normal work of a number of important systems — testosterone helps the brain to focus and memorize information, plus, a hormone involved in cardiovascular health, and protects against anaemia, diabetes type II diabetes and osteoporosis. About the available food, which stimulate the production of testosterone, said dietitian from Spain Encarni of Perisamy main product to maintain the balance of testosterone — eggs. Them, according to Spanish dietitian should be consumed on a daily basis (of course — if you have no contraindications). “Eggs are rich in valuable nutrients and vitamins, in particularly vitamin D, which promotes the synthesis of testosterone,” — says the expert.Besides eggs, to normalize testosterone levels you need to eat nuts, avocado, broccoli and garlic. All these products are useful in and of themselves, so that they in any case will not be superfluous in the diet.This is interesting: the Doctors called the top 5 most useful products for colds
“Don’t underestimate the importance of testosterone to the body. Not only is the male hormone responsible for men only biological functions, but in General a very important substance that is involved in complex biochemical reactions,” notes Encarni Perez, adding products to normalize the level of testosterone need to eat everything.Source: News Yu

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