The doctor revealed the terrible secret of the family Jackson

Врач раскрыл страшную тайну семейства Джексонов

On June 27 of this year died the Pope of the king of pop Joseph Jackson at the age of 89 years. After the death of his doctor Murray has uncovered a terrible secret concerning the star of the family.

According to the doctor, Michael Jackson was castrated in his childhood by his own father because he wanted to protect the boy from problems with the voice and skin. Dad musician in the first place put fame and money. We are talking about chemical castration. Father stabbed to Michael Jackson drugs, to make his voice not subjected to age-related changes. Also, a man worried about the problems of the son with the skin. Their recognition of Dr. Murray stunned fans of the singer.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 from an overdose of sleeping pills. It sounds so official version. Although there are differences. There is a suggestion that the soloist was killed. The father of the star has experienced her world famous offspring of nine years. Information about the chemical castration of Michael Jackson is spreading to British newspaper the Sun.


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