The doctor told about the medications that are “dummies”

Доктор рассказал о лекарствах, которые являются «пустышками»

Many doctors prescribe medicines to their patients-“dummy” not because of money but because of ignorance. This was announced by the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

Доктор рассказал о лекарствах, которые являются «пустышками»

Speaking about the medications that are in fact “dummies”, the butchers called the following medications:

immunomodulators,hepatoprotectors,enzymes,sosudoukreplyayuschee medications,vitamins and Supplements,chondroprotectors,probiotics and prebiotics,nootropics,homeopathic medicines,herbal preparations and tinctures.Specialist noticed that some of these drugs are quite capable to help a specific person. If no side effects, it can be taken in accordance with the purpose.

“In the mass, these categories of drugs have no proven effectiveness at all,” said Alexander Myasnikov.He noticed that about eight out of ten doctors regularly prescribes to patients means from the list of “blanks”. According to Myasnikov, in some cases, useless drugs can be administered by a doctor for the money of the pharmaceutical companies, but their share is negligible. A big part of the doctors prescribe patients “dummy” not too high qualification.

The butchers advised me to always try to gather as much information about the medicine that is prescribed by a doctor and not to hesitate to ask him – in particular, whether it is proved the effectiveness of the drug.

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