The doctor “Yenisei” saved the life of a passenger aircraft

Врач «Енисея» спасла жизнь пассажирке самолета

Doctor female football club “Yenisei” saved the life of a passenger aircraft. In the end, the emergency landing was not required, said the club page “Vkontakte”.

“The doctor ZHFK “Yenisei” Lily Sergeyev saved the life of a person on Board the plane when the team returned to Krasnoyarsk from Moscow after the match with the “Locomotive”, – stated in the message.

During the flight the passenger became ill, his blood pressure rose. Sergeyev pointed out that the woman had a hypertensive crisis. The doctor of the football club managed to stabilize the pressure. The passenger became better and an emergency landing was not required.

Earlier it was reported about the Kamchatka doctor who saved the life of a passenger aircraft. The medic gave the woman pain relief and a half hours before landing support its vital parameters.