The doctors did a cesarean, but when they opened the stomach of the patient, the baby inside was not .

2017-08-29 17:19

The doctors did a cesarean, but when they opened the stomach of the patient, the baby inside was not .
The couple is already the fourth time was preparing to become parents.

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With three previous children had no problems. But this time, at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy there were complications, reports Rus.Media.

By about the thirtieth week, the woman water broke. It was immediately taken to the clinic where she was under medical supervision. After 36 hours, the doctors decided that the natural way childbirth does not take place, and that the safest course would be to deliver the baby by caesarean section.

All the time while the woman was under anesthesia, Danielle was present with her in the operating room …

All that happened is he remembered for his entire life!

This story happened in the English city of Leicester. Doctors have opened the womb, but to the surprise of the baby inside was not! The doctors are feverishly trying to figure out how such a thing could happen, and could not find the answer …

In the second minute of convulsive searches newborn still found. It turned out that the girl came out naturally and now “hiding” under a blanket between the mother’s legs.

Since the baby was born prematurely and weighed three pounds, she was placed in the incubator for premature. And now the girl called Ollie, perfectly healthy.

Daniel Hughes says that for him it was a minute, during which doctors searched for the child, seemed to last forever.

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“I couldn’t understand what happened. But the reaction of the doctors saw that that is what went wrong. My heart in my mouth dropped when I saw how anxiously they started to behave, and heard snatches of their sentences “.

Wife Hughes were extremely dissatisfied with the action of doctors.

However, he refused to bring the case to court, accepting the apology of the medical staff. The most important thing that baby Ollie was born healthy and is now already nothing threatens her life.

Even with the high level of medicine, none of us are immune from medical errors. Fortunately, everything eventually ended well.