The doctors do not want penalties

The Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec is opposed to the will of the government Legault to impose penalties on its members that there would be no service in the evenings and on weekends.

“I can’t believe that Mr. Legault and the government of the CAQ would like to apply methods that would be associated with Gaétan Barrette. I think that the Québécois have found this method-here “, says the director of communications of the FMOQ, Jean-Pierre Dion, in reference to the law 20 adopted under the government Couillard.

Jean-Pierre Dion, director of communications

Last week, the prime minister François Legault has evoked sanctions for physicians who do not take care of their patients in the context of the reform of the compensation proposed by his government.

“What we want is for you to change the mode of compensation, but [also] ensure that the patients will be taken care of and that there will be penalties if they are not taken care of seven days a week,” he said.

While insisting on the opening of the federation in the face of this reform, Jean-Pierre Dion says the prime minister’s statement has caused a surprise at the FMOQ : “The reaction of Dr. Godin, and it was : I don’t know what he’s talking about,” he said about the president of the organization (Dr. Louis Godin).

Quebec waited at the table

Despite the threat of a special law used last November by François Legault, the family doctors are still waiting for the government speeds up the negotiations.

For the moment, the talks with the treasury Board are “intermittent,” says Mr. Dion.

“We were ready to intensive negotiations, we sit down with the government. We get on very well with people at Treasury, but clearly, they seem to have a lot on their desktop. We, we are available. Then we wait for the government to accelerate the pace, given that it has no objection in principle. ”

On the government side, we are assured, however, that the meetings are held on a weekly basis.