The doctors explained why you should not drink tea with lemon

Лікарі пояснили, чому не варто пити чай з лимоном

A large amount of tea may cause disorders of the nervous system
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The consumption of this popular drink can have unexpected consequences.

Tea with lemon is known as one of the most effective agents against the common cold. The lemon has antioxidant properties, but when you add it to tea a devastating effect on the gastric mucosa is much weaker.

The negative effect of citric acid on the mucosa is one of the harmful effects of tea with lemon. Especially dangerous is it for patients to gastritis. Therefore, gastroenterologists suggest in the period of acute gastritis take tea with milk, honey or herbal, but not with lemon.

Лікарі пояснили, чому не варто пити чай з лимоном

For colds, many make another mistake, when you drink tea with lemon in unlimited quantities. They think that this way will help myself more. In fact – a large number of tea – black or green, with lemon, will cause disorders of the nervous system with manifestations of insomnia, fatigue, drowsiness, where to sleep is very problematic. Tea caffeine – tannin and vitamin C contained in the lemon in large numbers, are included in the list of products, increase brain activity, promote blood circulation.

“Drinking tea with lemon in a large amount in a few days is the same as constant encouragement energy itself, for the nervous system it does not go unnoticed”, – says the candidate of medical Sciences Tatyana Vasilchuk.

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