The doctors gave advice on how to get rid of “bone in leg”

Медики дали советы, как избавиться от «косточки на ноге»

Many women suffer from a foot deformity.

To get rid of this disease in the early stages of the disease by using traditional recipes and natural products, reports a Correspondent.

A severe form of the disease is removed through surgery.

Bone on the leg is causing not only inconvenience when walking, does not allow you to wear suitable footwear, and looks unsightly.

To get rid of this problem without surgery can if you wear comfortable shoes.

Very often this deformity is inherited. If you stick to good habits is also a good way to avoid the disease. For example, more walking barefoot. It helps to strengthen the joints of the toes.

You should pay attention to special exercises for the feet, it is also important to align the fingers, applying the bandage. Please note that these headbands should do very often.

And those who came up with this “bone” must avoid a particular activity, such as ballet dancing, gymnastics banned in this case.

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