The doctors outlined the main symptoms of health disorders in women

Врачи назвали основные симптомы нарушения здоровья у женщин

Leg pain that occurs on one side only, or flashes of light in eyes, vision changes or sudden pain in the groin and excessive urination was included in the list of the main symptoms that indicate a health disorder in women.

Foreign doctors called signs that the female body is something serious. Doctors have compiled a list of nearly 20 symptoms, according to RBC. Their manifestation must be the reason for going to the doctor, to self-medicate in such cases, the experts strongly recommend.

In particular, a symptom of heart attack in women may be a sensation of pressure, tightness in jaw, neck, or hands.
Leg pain that occurs with only one side — possible deep vein thrombosis. With this condition dramatically increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Sudden flash of light in the eyes can “talk” about the damage to the retina. With the same symptom mostly experienced by women aged 60-80 years, but also there are many cases when “age” has become a problem and at an earlier age.

Vision changes that are sudden in nature and are combined with headaches can be a symptom of chronic allergies or fatigue, and brain tumors, stroke.

In addition, the doctors called the symptoms, which require urgent appeal for medical assistance:

a sharp pain in my groin and excessive urination;itching, bleeding mole;fruity breath, a sign of diabetic ketoacidosis;a reduction in the number of days between menstrual cycles: it is possible thyroid disease;seal in the chest;shortness of breath, manifested no physical activity,increasing forgetfulness;severe drowsiness during the day;frequent feeling of “stayed” hands or feet.

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