The doctors spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of fasting

Врачи рассказали о достоинствах и недостатках голодания

Fasting can carry both benefit and harm.

Every girl dreams to be slim and beautiful. But the approach to this issue must be weighed. The first thought that comes to our mind when desire to lose weight is starvation.

The external beauty of a person depends on the General state of his health. Every girl wants her hair was thick and had a healthy structure that did not break and did not lolis nails, falling out eyelashes. The skin below was supple and smooth, without acne and pimples. Healthy glitter eye, natural blush and a friendly smile adorn the face of any person. How to achieve such performance? How to get rid of excess weight, to acquire harmony of life?

All this is inherent in humans from birth. But to be beautiful, cheerful, vigorous and cheerful, to see only the positive and not to burden yourself with excess weight, you must follow some vital rules. Slim figure, first of all, it is a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Medically established that a person needs 8 hours for sleep. But this average figure. In the history of known cases where a man was sleeping 2-3 hours a day and that under the head put not pillow and wooden sticks. This man wrote the poems which perpetuated it for centuries. Listen to your body. The sleep time can depend on many factors, from physical and mental stress on the person, and also from many environmental factors, including weather and space phenomena. If the body sends a signal that he is tired and requires rest, do not rush to drink strong coffee and, if possible, get some sleep.

That Smoking and alcohol are harmful to health is known even to a child. Slim figure and natural beauty of the face from drinking alcohol and Smoking will quickly turn into unwanted weight and bags under the eyes. To look young and attractive — be able to actively relax. This exercise, a daily walk before bedtime, spending more time in nature. Don’t push in a crowded bus 2-3 stops better walk and body will tell You thank you very much.

We approach the question of the day. For weight loss or the preservation of the body whether fasting is useful? The external beauty of a person, as we have said, depends on the General state of his health. But to be healthy, you need to provide the body daily received the necessary number of components that provide the vital functions of the body.

This vitamins, micro and macro elements, proteins with amino acids that are the building blocks of cells, enzymes that participate in digestion, fats and carbohydrates that provide the body’s energy needs.

If fasting will lead to weight reduction, the parallel will leave a negative imprint on our face and other organs and systems. We look for reasons why hair falls out, where does the breakdown and so on. Fasting diet i.e. diet without harm to health is what we need!


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