The doctors talked about the risks for weight loss

Врачи рассказали о рисках при похудении

Specialists for 40 years followed the health of respondents and found that the discharge of five percent of the total body mass increases the chances of fracture three times.

American and canadian researchers examined the Association of weight loss and reduction of bone strength. For this purpose the experts analyzed data on the condition of the bones of the respondents and their body weight. Information scientists have gathered over four decades. Scientists have found that weight loss makes bones brittle, while bone structure is changing, regardless of how much time had dropped pounds. A weight reduction of even five percent of the total body mass triples the chances of a person to fracture. This is especially true of older people.

The authors of the study recommended slimming careful diet and have to do a special set of exercises that will allow the bones to remain healthy and strong.


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