The doctors told what steps for stroke can save the patient’s life

Stroke is one of the most feared diseases, its danger is that it happens suddenly and can have fatal consequences.

Лікарі розповіли, які кроки при інсульті можуть врятувати життя хворого

The cause of the stroke becomes damage nerve cells in the human brain, controlling all functions of the body, – this process occurs due to acute circulatory disorders in a particular area of the brain. However, often illiterate actions, panic and sometimes the inability to recognize a stroke leads to the death of a person. Doctors tell you what the three steps in the stroke can help to save a person, informs Rus.Media.

First of all, you need to determine that the person is having a stroke. To do this, doctors recommend to pay attention to some violations:

– If the stroke victim is unable to smile widely;

– The victim could not accurately repeat the phrase;

– The victim could not raise his hands;

The fact that when a stroke develops acute oxygen starvation of the brain, can cause paralysis, speech impairment, vision loss and other disorders of the brain. Most importantly, you should first know about stroke is that time just three hours to take action.

There is another way to check that the person – a stroke. Ask the person to stick his mouth the language right in front of him, if he is crooked – this is a sign that the person needs help.

Also to urgently call an ambulance you need, if you have symptoms such as severe headache, dizziness, sudden vision loss, the inability to understand someone else’s speech, nausea and vomiting, loss of stability.

Once you have found a suspected stroke, you should immediately call an ambulance and do the following: lay the person, tucked under her head pillow or clothes and also loosen the buttons and belt. If person vomits turn head to one side, so she drowned. In any case, do not move the patient and do not try to conduct some intensive care.