The doctors warned about the disease that threatens the lives of Ukrainians

Врачи предупредили о патологии, которая угрожает жизни украинцев

Pathology of cardiovascular diseases is much younger and threatens the lives of Ukrainians.

Now in Ukraine, the 12 million people diagnosed with hypertensive heart disease. About 4 million do not know you are sick.

“Pathology is very much younger. Patients who have had heart attacks, in our practice — have in 21, 25, 27. There are patients who have already postanowienie in 32 years,” — said the cardiologist Valentina Shapovalova.

It is important that potential patients are men and women 40-45 45-50 years. The chances of complications add irregular meals, excessive salt intake, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy habits, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, excess weight. These factors can be deadly.

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