The doctors: what happens with the body of a man who refuses to take a shower

Every preppy person knows that taking a shower every day is a must. But what happens to those who decide to abandon the procedure, explained by experts.

Медики: що станеться з тілом людини, яка відмовиться приймати душ

A few years ago, scientists conducted a very interesting study which tried to understand what is happening with the human body, which refused from daily showering, informs Rus.Media.

Changes began to occur two days later – a relatively short period of time. Thus, the study showed that the human body contains about a thousand different species of bacteria, and about forty species of fungus. But, interestingly, most of these organisms are just beneficial to health and protect it from harmful microbes. They need support, which provides soap and water.

So the question “what happened to your body these days?” most people still admitted that there was nothing wrong with them not happened, unless you consider the unpleasant smell of sweat.

An unexpected conclusion

At the end of the work carried out, scientists recommend not to get carried away and not to shower too often, as in this case increases the risk of developing eczema. The best option is to regular intake soul, but without the abundant use of soap and shower gel.