The dog brought his master out of his coma only one barking. Now he treats other patients

The doctors were amazed by the healing skills of four-legged friend.

Пес вивів свого господаря з коми одним лише гавкотом. Тепер він лікує інших пацієнтів

65-year-old engineer from the UK Andy SAS in 2016 was in the hospital, informs Rus.Media.

Andy caught an acute form of pneumonia, and the doctors put him in an artificial coma. While her husband was in intensive care, were brought to him by his favorite four-legged friend, Teddy. The dog was very concerned about the state of his master and tried to Wake him up. Teddy was so insistent that the man woke up to the call of your pet.

The doctors had planned his Wake just three days later and was very surprised by this turn of events. The doctors allowed the dog daily visit the patient, and a week later Andy recovered and went home.

Your dog breed snoedel (a mix of Schnauzer and poodle), the husband took from the shelter. From our very first meeting, among them there was a special bond. He claims that saved Teddy, and now the pupil repaid him in the same coin. The doctors were amazed by the healing skills of four-legged friend and advised the master to give his courses therapeutic dogs.

Currently, Teddy became a professional dog therapist and visits hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other institutions. The animal behaves very friendly and thanks to him, the patients quicker. The staff also loves Teddy and every time with a smile meets a furry doctor.