The dolphins take advantage of the Bosphorus, unusually quiet thanks to the containment

Les dauphins profitent du Bosphore, anormalement calme grâce au confinement

ISTANBUL | Istanbul, the confinement imposed by the pandemic coronavirus makes them happy: the dolphins of the Bosphorus. Fewer boats in the strait between Europe and Asia, less fishing and a quiet unusual.

The megalopolis Turkish of 16 million inhabitants are under containment since Thursday and until Sunday midnight, after the previous two weekends where Istanbul was already off on the orders of the government.

The epidemic has killed more than 2700 people in Turkey.

Linking the Mediterranean to the Black Sea passing through the centre of Istanbul, the Bosphorus strait is a waterway close (less than 3 km wide) and usually very crowded.

But with the confinement, there is less traffic and more fish, which attracts the dolphins closer to the shores, to the great joy of the inhabitants.

At Sarayburnu, a promontory separating the Golden Horn from the Marmara sea, a band of dolphins has been sighted swimming with a cloud of seagulls, to the delight of the photographers.

“The drop in shipping traffic and human in the Bosphorus has a significant impact,” stresses Erol Orkcu, president of the association of recreational fishermen of Istanbul. “Living beings, both aquatic and terrestrial, are delivered from the human presence. This allows the dolphins to approach closer to the shore”.

Prior to the pandemic, hundreds of fishermen lined up each day along the shores of the Bosphorus. They are now almost deserted.

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