The domestication of horses led to the loss of genetic diversity

Одомашнивание лошадей привело к потере генетического разнообразия

A team of international scientists analyzed the genetic code of 278 horses, which existed in the last 42 thousand years, and found that the modern horse has prehistoric ancestors, informs .

Horse compared to dogs, cats, cattle have been domesticated relatively recently. It happened about five thousand years ago in territory of modern Kazakhstan representatives bataiskoe civilization.

A new study has shown that the line of horses that lived in Iberia before she obeyed the man disappeared. In the III century BC the same thing happened with individuals who lived in Siberia.

Today, there are only two kinds: domestic horse and the Przewalski’s horse (Mongolian wild). Scientists also emphasize the period between VII and IX centuries, when Arab-Muslim expansion. Usurpers jumped on Eastern horses, which were mixed with individuals, prevailing in Europe.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from Oxford University are planning to make “one last attempt” to save the Northern white Rhino through IVF. Representatives of this subspecies once lived on the territories of Uganda, Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.