The door in the garden: what to plant next in the garden

Plants located on the site in a certain order, helping each other to develop.

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Experienced growers know that plants can not only promote the rapid development of each other, but have quite the opposite effect. Here are the plants that always have to grow together in the same bed, informs Rus.Media.

Numerous scientific experiments prove that plants located on the site in a certain order, helping each other to grow, although it looks strange. For example, overall, the plants act as a kind of “bodyguard” for mansardi who are afraid of sunlight. It is also essential that the gardener be able to combine using the entire free territory. In particular, we should not forget that climbing plants would cover the ground and the vertical stretch to the sun, so this combination will be effective enough.

Another type of plant is “satellites”. Their main purpose – control of pests in a variety of ways. Such crops can lure predators, which eat parasites, or simply scare away harmful insects.

Plants that live well together, quite a lot, but most of all, special attention deserve the following combinations.

Garlic and roses

Experienced growers always plant garlic near roses, as it protects them from pests. In addition, when the garlic blooms, a wonderful composition that is full of different bright shades.

Planting garlic near roses helps to deter pests of flowers, such as aphids. The aroma of garlic desorientiert insects, but it is not strong enough to drown out the magic smell the roses. By the way, if you notice the stems of the roses signs of rust, gently RUB the garlic stems, which will play the role of chemical fertilizers.

Marigolds and melons

Marigolds can be quite a worthy competition to many chemicals that are commonly used to eliminate nematodes in the roots of melon.

Marigold is capable of controlling the population of nematodes in the roots of melon and watermelon without the use of chemical treatments. Marigolds include many varieties and hybrids, from dwarf to tall. To grow them just enough to make seeds in the soil and never need to worry, these plants are so undemanding that will grow necessarily.

Cabbage and tomatoes

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Conventional tomatoes can protect cabbages from pesky larvae that cause much harm to the plant, especially if impunity is developing, turning into caterpillars.

Nasturtiums and cucumbers

Curly nasturtiums – great companions for young cucumbers or zucchini. According to experienced gardeners, nasturtium perfectly opposed to cucumber beetles, due to the fact that attract predators.

Loboda and pepper

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Usually, harmful beetles prefer Loboda (proved in studies), forgetting about the pepper, especially if you cut the flowers before the seeds appear.

Fennel and cabbage

Dill is a great helper not only cabbage, but also all her relatives. It dill protects cabbage all plants, becoming the perfect bait for a small OS that do not give a descent worms and other pests.

Beans and corn

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Beans – normal “natural home” for many insects that devour the most dangerous pests. Also the bean vines grow rapidly, relying on the corn stalks.

High flowers and salad

For example, flowering tobacco is rapidly growing along with the leaves of lupine, and directly affects their color (the positive side).

Spinach and radishes

Seated among the radishes spinach. This method will help protect the vegetables from pests. Of course, the leaves of a root crop, probably will still suffer, but he will remain safe and sound.

Alyssum and potatoes

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Alyssum is a kind of plant with tiny flowers, often act as “bait” for predatory wasps and other beneficial insects. It set down near the potatoes to form a unique natural rug that will be a perfect remedy.

Remember that your garden is a constant struggle for resources between cultural plants and weeds. Than a large area covered by a strong, robust culture, the less chance remains of weeds, and you, accordingly, decreases the amount of work in weeding.

Dwarf zinnias and Kale

Predators are often lured by the nectar from the zinnias, so protect cauliflower from pests without even realizing it.

Catnip and Collard

Many years of experience gardeners shows that if you put mint (cat) near Collard, he will be protected from harmful effects.

Nigella and strawberries

Сусідство на городі: які рослини садити поруч на грядці

Fit black damask (the same Nigella), which blooms pale blue beautiful flowers, deterred from strawberry pests with its scent, and provide you with the spices for pilaf.

Black cumin seeds are popularly called black seed and is added to baked goods, jam for a light strawberry taste. Use black cumin seeds and canning tomatoes, cucumbers, for pickling cabbage. Moreover, Nigella is considered to be a medicinal herb to boost immunity.

Fit black carried out simultaneously with the planting of strawberries in open ground, it is possible to land before winter, so consider these circumstances when planning for the upcoming strawberry season. Flowering period nigelle lasts about four weeks.