The doors of the Cosmos will remain closed

Les portes du Cosmos resteront fermées

Cancellation of the summer Festival, lack of tourism and employees who prefer the PCU, the owners of the chain restaurants Cosmos have decided not to reopen his restaurant to the Grande Allée.

It is another blow to the artery once emblematic of the nightlife of Quebec city. After Maurice and the Ashton, but also The Old Home of the Spaghetti, the Savini and the Mcdonald’s, now an important institution of the Grande Allée is coming to an end.

“It was break even for two or three years, but without FEQ and without tourists, it is impossible,” explains straightforwardly the co-owner Louis McNeil.

Les portes du Cosmos resteront fermées

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Louis McNeil
Co-owner of the restaurants Cosmos

The businessman also announced that the Cosmos Lévis has also been sold in order to focus on those of Sainte-Foy, Lebourgneuf and on the District, rue Saint-Joseph. “If I was to go with my heart, I would want to sell anything, but I have to make decisions to ensure my survival,” he says with emotion.

Difficult for the Grande Allée

Mr. McNeil said they have tried without success to “break the lease” with the owners of the establishment of the Grande Allée to better bounce back after the crisis. But the cancellation of the summer Festival may have been the ” nail in the coffin “.

“Just the FEQ, it pays two or three months of the year,” he explains. “It does not augur well for the Grande Allée “, analysis-t-it. The group is also the owner of a District on St-Joseph and they find the displacement of the customer.

“It is finished, the Upper Town, the young people go out in the Lower City,” he says while arguing that the patterns of output and consumption have also changed. “I am the first [to close because of the COVID], but I don’t think I’m going to be the last. ”

Competition of PKU

The other element that played into the decision to close the Cosmos Grande Allée is the difficulty of finding staff. “The ECP [Delivery canadian emergency], it is really of the competition,” says Mr. McNeil.

He says that few people have shown interest to return to work when he surveyed the field. Interested parties have therefore been directed toward the three restaurants that are always open. “In September, they will all look for a job, but it is in September that the restaurants are going to fart “, he afraid.

As for the restaurant Lévis, Mr. McNeil admits that the situation was “difficult” before the crisis. “The COVID we had crucified. “An agreement has however been reached with a buyer that was shown a few months ago. “We accepted his offer on Monday,” confirms Mr. McNeil.

The Cosmos of the Great Aisle had opened its doors 25 years ago and that of Lévis was in business for 12 years.

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