The DPRK is ready to discuss with the trump of denuclearization – Reuters

North Korea first the US expressed its willingness to discuss the issue of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula during a meeting of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN and U.S. President Donald trump.

КНДР готова обговорити з Трампом денуклеаризацію – Reuters

About it reports Reuters, citing a us official, reports Rus.Media.

On condition of anonymity, the official told the news Agency that U.S. and North Korean officials recently conducted secret contacts in which Pyongyang directly expressed his desire to hold the meeting.

A U.S. official declined to say exactly when and how was the contact between the US and North Korea, but noted that the parties had direct contact.

“The United States confirmed that Kim Jong-UN is willing to discuss the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” said another U.S. official.

Reuters notes that the question remains how North Korea will determine the denuclearization of that see in Washington that Pyongyang abandons its nuclear weapons programme.

Denuclearization is a carbon copy of the English denuclearization – the establishment of a zone free of nuclear weapons.

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