The driver collided at night with the inexplicable, which saved his life and the entire composition!

Машинист столкнулся ночью с необъяснимым, которое спасло ему жизнь и весь состав!

Almost mystical event occurred with my childhood friend Sledge. Looks like this whole story is rather creepy and weird, but I’m inclined to believe him.

Previously, no lies and fabrications for him not to notice. Sanja has worked for many years engineer of a freight train.

I don’t know, and continue to be surprised as this machine pulls such goods, but it is clear that inertia is she terrible.

When you’re rolling a hundred or more cars, it will stop in time is simply not realistic.

Yes, and the next hundred meters, too. If the rails are deliberately put something that will knock a locomotive off the tracks, derailed will surely fly not only himself, but also many cars.

Now to the story…

Sanya often tells a different eerie things about his work, but they are mostly domestic.

For example, hit someone on the tracks or someone has cut work and the scene.

But this time, he was silent, until our 0,5 almost empty.

— Listen – as I remember he said – There was, it just boggles the mind…

Again hit someone at night?

— No – he waved his hand Worse, or well, actually I do not understand myself…

Then he slammed another drink, and told me the following…

Hooked part and moved in the direction of the house. Time highly premature, and the railway is known to not tolerate any errors.

Stand not become in the night in the forest, but just quietly went, speed 10-15 km h

Ahead of the planned arrow automatic. One way led to the left to an abandoned threshing grain, and the second right towards the Central station.

Arrow this, of course, have not translated…

Before the siding was about a mile, the assistant fell asleep while playing to the phone.

Sanya stood at the helm and peered into the night. Suddenly, he heard a Strange sound… like a fire call.

But not very loud, and most interestingly, very close. Sanya pondered, trying to understand where they can take the sound.

Maybe somebody’s cow with a bell lost?

The sound was not far behind, following the train. Parallel to the cabin. Could not stand Sasha, the composition is stopped.

The locomotive jumped to the ground, went to look around a tire iron at the ready.

The sound stopped.

Sasha turned to go back into the cabin and suddenly saw in front of itself, the figure of an old woman.

Jumped from fear and surprise. In the hands of the old woman was a stick taped on the end bell. Her hand was trembling slightly, the bell barely audible, muffled jingled.

— Get a flashlight… quiet, weak voice, like the rustle of the wind, the old woman said

Alexander, from fear obeyed, the flashlight was knocked out.

— Who are you? – finally he asked.

— You don’t remember me, it’s for the best – answered the woman – You Sasha go forward, there is an arrow inadvertently transferred. Correct. Now the Manager will tell you the speed to add, and trouble will be big…

— How do you know? – continued to wonder the same.

Suddenly he heard a creaking, crackling, hissing… Voices. Eyes open, fell asleep for a minute it appears.

On the radio dispatch. Requests to shorten the arrival time by as much as 20 minutes. The assistant also woke up, and the Manager heard.

Sanya instead to speed up the composition, the brakes hit. Took a crowbar, jumped onto the tracks, go ahead.

All as the old woman said, the arrow was jammed, and there on the rails torn up, the death of the faithful. Scrap picked up, changed the switch, and returned to the cabin, prayer, reading.

Here is Sasha’s story finished, he sighed and said…

— I remembered then, where that old woman saw. This is my grandmother, she died when I was 5 years old.

Believe him, don’t know why, but I believe…

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