The earthquake of 28 December beginning of: the astrologer warned of a new danger

In the first half of 2017 in Ukraine can be a powerful earthquake.

Землетрус 28 грудня – початок: астролог попередив про нову небезпеку

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The earthquake that occurred on December 28 in the Vrancea area in Romania – the first of several earthquakes that may occur in the area and to hurt Ukraine in the first half of 2017; they can be far more devastating than the previous one.

This forecast was voiced by the astrologer Vlad Ross, reports Rus.Media.

The astrologer is reminded that on December 22 predicted earthquakes that may occur in the Vrancea zone, “and they have already begun.” According to estimates Ross, risk of serious earthquakes will persist for the next six months.

It allows one or two powerful earthquakes. “Ukraine, especially Western Ukraine, Odessa region, in the Carpathians need to be careful in this sense”, – said Ross.

“Romania will greatly affect us in the next six months, this is only the beginning of earthquakes. Thank God that the epicenter of the earthquake of 28 December was very deep, so in Ukraine it is almost not felt. But during the subsequent earthquakes may occur faults”, said the astrologer.

He also drew attention to the relationship of seismic activity and strong negative emotions that people experience, living in a given territory. In this context, the astrologer reminded about the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and the subsequent devastating earthquake. He also recalled the earthquake in the Donbass, where it could not be held on 7 August 2016 in the area of Mariupol.

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