The EBRD expect activation of the investigation by withdrawal of PrivatBank

В ЕБРР ожидают активизации расследования по выводу средств из Приватбанка

The European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) said they expected intensify the investigation of cases of withdrawal from the state of PrivatBank , about $ 5.5 billion of its former owners. Comments about this hromadske on the sidelines of an investment forum in Mariupol said the Vice-President of the EBRD Alan Pius.

According to him, the EBRD welcome the statement of the President’s Office about what PrivatBank is unable to return to the previous owners, but you need to see how this will be implemented in practice.

“The second thing. As you know, the PrivatBank management has initiated a number of lawsuits, particularly in the UK and Ukraine in order to recover assets that were withdrawn from the Bank. In London recently took a very important decision which confirms that the case is under British jurisdiction. In Ukraine there are also works that are in various state agencies and we expect that these institutions will do what is necessary to progress in these matters in Ukraine,” said Pia.

He added that the NAB, the Prosecutor General and SBU are not courts, to which the government can exert pressure, so the EBRD is expected to intensify work on the investigation of withdrawal from PrivatBank.

December 21, 2016 PrivatBank became a state property. The state received 100% of its capital, the financial institution have been capitalized in the amount of 116.8 billion. At the end of June 2017, the Cabinet decided to capitalize the Bank for a further 38.5 billion UAH on the basis of the proposals of the NBU and the independent auditor’s report – EY.

Today, the different courts are considering hundreds of industries associated with PrivatBank. His former owners Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov challenged in the courts the legality of the nationalization of the Bank, and Ukrainian courts have adopted a number of decisions in favor of the plaintiffs. Uncertainty with PrivatBank can complicate negotiations with the IMF. In the Fund fear that the decision to nationalize could be revised.