The eco-districts of Quebec be completed soon

Les écoquartiers de Québec bientôt complétés

With the construction of a reception pavilion and a bridge, and the demolition of the last industrial buildings to make way for housing, the City will complete its two eco-districts of Pointe-aux-Lièvres and D’estimauville, a decade after their launch.

The sustainable development projects of the two core areas of the city had been launched in 2010. They will materialize eventually in the coming months, confirmed the mayor, Régis Labeaume.

For him, “it has not taken long”, if compared to what is done elsewhere in the world in terms of eco-districts. “It was complicated to start”, with the difficulty of finding developers to develop at the start, he said, but in a decade he is proud to have created the “circles of life coveted”.

In the two eco-districts, 635 units have been built or are under construction. Also, 644 units are in the process of selling or building for a total of 1300 units.

In total, when all is finished, 5000 people will live there and 3500 to work there.

For the City, the investments have been major. In all, $ 12 million for the redevelopment of the avenue D’estimauville, $ 15 million for the decontamination of the Pointe-aux-Lièvres and of the costs, which always accrue to the D’estimauville district.

In the coming months, we’ll see the pavilion of the Pointe-aux-Lièvres. At a cost of five million dollars, of which three million $ come from provincial grants in the framework of the project “Dream of our rivers, it will house a multipurpose room, a hall where we will do the interpretation, health services, and a terrace. The work will begin this summer for an official opening in September 2021.

The wooden bridge which will connect the Pointe-aux-Lièvres and the 1st Avenue is underway. It will be available in the winter of 2021.

The lands that remain to be developed in the two districts are all in construction or in the process of acquisition, said Mr. Labeaume. Around’estimauville, let the private sector do its work, he added. Now, the administration Labeaume will focus its efforts on the area of Boiler, in the corner of the IKEA, where we wanted to build a new neighborhood around the western terminus of the tram.

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