The effect of astringent persimmon can be eliminated in simple ways

Вяжущий эффект хурмы  можно ликвидировать простыми способами

Astringent effect the kidneys attached contained in its fruit the tannins present in oak bark or tea.

This is reported by the media.

Experts claim that to remove the astringent effect of persimmon is achievable.

As you know, there are varieties of persimmons, which have low concentration of tannins and therefore they do not show a distinct astringent effect. However, these varieties are widely spread mainly in East Asia. Neveruse varieties of persimmons usually have a simplified or a round shape. In the context, they are often tetrahedral. Fully padded these fruits are not, they have a hard texture.

The astringent varieties are usually tapered shape and soft structure. When fully Mature, the astringent effect is slightly reduced.

To reduce the viscosity of the fruit, you can just pour the persimmon in warm water and leave it in her “swim”. You can also pour the persimmon with boiling water and leave it out for a few hours. Another good way to freeze fruits.

To speed up the ripening of persimmon, you can, if you put the fruit in a plastic bag and leave it there for a few days. To optimize maturation in a package you can add a banana or Apple.

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