The effect Trump or how this president has changed durably the face of the world

L’effet Trump ou comment ce président aura changé durablement la face du monde

The presidency of Donald Trump has had a determining impact on the foreign policy of the United States, which has upset the international system, as he was known, supports the specialist of the american political Charles-Philippe David in his most recent trial.

“The presidency of Donald Trump, is a major turning point in american politics, it, everyone knows it. But what is the scope for the foreign policy of the United States? This is a question that has been less asked, a little less scrutinized, especially in the French language,” said the author of a “Trump” and president of the Observatory on the United States of UQAM.

Through this book of just over 150 pages, divided into two main chapters entitled, respectively, “America alone” and “America, the unpredictable”, the author describes many examples of the adverse consequences and long-lasting that has had the presidency of Donald Trump on american foreign policy.

Charles-Philippe David

“I concluded on two things that change: first, this is what I call the “doctrine Trump”, which, I think, heralds the decline of the United States the leading role in the international system, and that it may be something that is here to stay, despite the election that is coming up, supports the one who is also the founder of the Raoul Dandurand chair at UQAM. The second thing is the unpredictability of the decisions reached in the Trump summits really is second to none.”

“Take for example the case of Syria, where the president wanted to on two occasions to withdraw the american troops,” he continues. Whether we agree or not with their presence, it remains that there is an element of reliability and an element of stability which is important in the foreign policy of the United States. And the fact that he has announced on two occasions, the withdrawal, on two occasions his advisers were opposed to his decision and that in both cases, he had to pull back somewhat on his decision, it showed the decline of leadership of Donald Trump, as well as its unpredictable nature.”

“The withdrawal of international institutions, the withdrawal of the financing of international institutions, the last in the list is the world Health Organization, there also, it is a beautiful illustration of the ineptitude of the foreign policy Trump”, adds the professor.

The virus Trump

The author also compares a few times the character that is Donald Trump to be a virus, a comparison that occurs in a context, for the less eloquent.

“There was a viral in this presidency because Trump has infected the political discourse has infected the american political system, has infected the way we do politics so toxic,” explains Charles-Philippe David. So the parallel with the virus, I find it absolutely convincing. And this method, it has spread, and not only in the United States, but elsewhere in the world. There are setbacks to democratic extremely important on the planet, there has been a surge of populism on the planet and I think it is, it is the result of a virus Trump.”

And the pandemic of the COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges of his presidency, according to the professor, will have had the effect of confirming the trends shown through the test.

“I think that this crisis pandemic has compounded all that I have written,” continues the author. It’s more and more isolated the United States because they have refused to play any role of leader of the international system to unite everyone, to have a single, large global response.”

The book “The effect Trump: What is the impact on the foreign policy of the United States ?” is available in digital version since 22 June. It will be available in bookstores on August 18.

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