The emerald ash borer has arrived on the Plains

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    Robert Lavallée, of the Laurentian forestry Centre in Quebec, is at the head of a team that designed a trap to attract the borer and contaminate it with spores of fungus.

    Stephanie Martin

    Tuesday, 25 July 2017 18:24

    Tuesday, 25 July 2017 18:36

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    The counter-attack organized against the emerald ash borer, that are now on the Plains. Thirty death traps for the insect pest will be installed.

    The plains of Abraham, and the sector of the avenue of the Park are the battle field of the fight against the borer. An ash Plains was infested, has confirmed on Tuesday the Commission des champs de bataille nationaux. The City of Quebec, on the other hand, detected the presence of the insect in two ash trees on Park avenue. In a perimeter of 500 meters, the home of infestation includes 46 ash trees in the municipal sector.

    The two organizations have therefore decided to unite their forces in the fight. They have announced the creation of a regional technical committee that will develop an action plan for the long term. Several departments and agencies concerned to join the committee, as well as Laval University and the cities of Saint-Augustin and L’ancienne-Lorette.


    In the meantime, it starts the hostilities. The CCBN will install 75 traps on its territory to detect the insect. This is in addition to 15 traps with spores of a fungus capable of killing the borer in five days. It will bring 10 to 20 ash trees as a preventive measure.

    For its part, the City will add to this arsenal of 15 deadly traps placed in trees in its territory. Twenty-six ash trees on municipal will be slaughtered. Several trees municipal and federal will be treated to the TreeAzin, a biopesticide that kills the larvae under the bark.

    The City has counted 13 000 ash trees in the municipal sector. The Plains are about 2000, most of which grow on the cliff.

    Levis, on the other hand, installed 32 traps, as it does every year, knowing now that the insect is at its gates, just the other side of the river.

    Many calls

    Since 10 July, the citizens of Quebec have been many to call the City of Québec in respect of the borer.

    The Municipality has received 125 applications, which led to a quarantine of visits of inspectors on the ground. The City has already advised that it would provide financial assistance to owners of ash trees that need cut down a tree, but the amounts have not been disclosed since the assistance program must be developed in the coming months, explained the spokesman of the City of Quebec, Marjorie Potvin.

    The budgets for the control of the borer also remain to be clarified. It is not yet known how much it will cost to take down the trees and dispose of the wood. However, it is known that the injection of TreeAzin costs between $ 250 and $ 400 per tree, and 20 ash trees on municipal will have to be treated every two years.

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