The Emperor of Japan Akihito abdicated

PHOTO : ZumaTASS / Kento Nara


The Emperor of Japan Akihito abdicated. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on behalf of the people expressed for him and his wife Michiko deep gratitude, reports channel

Akihito entered the sanctuary on the Palace grounds in Tokyo. There he honored the sun goddess Amaterasu and his ancestors. The Emperor was wearing clothes of brown and black headdress.

He later addressed the nation with words of farewell and gratitude in the hall “Seiden matsu-no-mA” of the Imperial Palace.

“Today I end my service as Emperor. I am grateful to people for words on his behalf, said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. I am happy that 30 years after his accession to the throne I enjoyed the confidence and respect of the people. I pray that a new era of Board Rave, which begins tomorrow, were peaceful and fruitful. I pray for the happiness of our country and people around the world,” said the Emperor.

The hall made the Imperial regalia: a sword, Jasper, and Imperial seal and the State seal of Japan. In the hall at that moment was the heir to the throne, Naruhito with his wife, members of the Imperial family and the Prime Minister, representatives of the three branches of government. Only about 300 people.

Recall that a new era in Japan, the name of Rave will begin may 1. This will happen when the crown Prince Naruhito will come to the throne. The reign of his father, Akihito is called Heisei, meaning “achieving peace”.

Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan. He took the throne in 1989. Last year the monarch turned 85. In 2017, the Parliament passed a law allowing him to renounce the throne. This in Japan was not for two centuries. Just from the throne in Japan gave more than 60 emperors, the last time this happened in 1817, with Governor Kakaku.