The employees of the warehouses of Amazon called to go on strike from Tuesday

Les employés des entrepôts d’Amazon appelés à faire grève à partir de mardi

WASHINGTON | More than 300 employees of Amazon in the United States are committed not to report to their work place from Tuesday, to ask for an improvement of sanitary conditions in the face of the Covid-19 in the warehouses.

It is ” the biggest mass action of the workers to this day, while the frustrations are rising around the failure of the company to protect workers and the public health response to the epidemic of sars coronavirus “, denounces the grouping of associations Athena in a press release published on Monday.

This movement is launched at a three-day strike of coders and engineers of the group.

The american giant of online commerce is charged since the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 of not doing enough to protect its employees, but also to have, in the United States, fired employees that had led to protest movements.

“For weeks, the workers in the Amazon […] are sounding the alarm on dangerous conditions in warehouses “, the organisation points out Athena in this press release, showing 130 warehouse where workers have contracted the Covid-19, including some ” with more than 30 confirmed cases “.

“We must each day make an impossible choice: we go to a workplace that is not safe or the risk of losing a cheque of salary in the midst of a global recession,” said Jaylen Camp, an employee of the platform Amazon of Romulus, Michigan, quoted in the press release.

“Rather than taking real measures to protect our health, Amazon prefers to dodge, lie and lay off the people who are expressing themselves. We will not be intimidated. Our health and the health of all, are too significant “, he added.

Two weeks ago, Amazon announced the distribution of millions of masks and implementation of temperature controls on all its sites in the united states and europe.

But, according to the organization, the implementation of these measures ” has been questioned several times by the workers on the ground.”

Warehouses and logistics centres are ultrasollicités because of the containment measures aimed at halting the spread of the virus. The needs are such that Amazon was in the process of recruiting 175,000 people in the United States.

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