The end of the “agricultural superpower”

Конец «аграрной сверхдержавы»

Finalizing our nation is extremely successful. Did not expect that events will develop so quickly. With the adoption of the law on privatization of land (not more than 200 000 hectares in one hand) in the first reading began banal startup for the transfer of population into the category of serfs Soros. More precisely, not so: first, all will buy up Igor with the Chinese, and then to the country go to multinationals. Do not you know that Kolomoisky is the agent of the party cover Chinese intelligence disguised as “Huawei”? He was surprised when I read about it in one of the Russian “Telegram-channels”. Right on the money. Only one amendment: not the fact that “Huawei” pull Igor Valerievich.


First, about why 70 percent of Ukrainians are opposed to privatization of land. It has something to do with the mentality, embroideries, genetic code and Frank e…STU Minister of economy Milovanova, responsible in the government for the land issue. All of the most suitable for agricultural land use has long been SP… more precisely, privatized. We got five or six landowners who are actively mastered in the total amount of millions of hectares. Andrey Verevskiy (kernel), Oleg bakhmatyuk, which is now bankrupt (“Ukrlandfarming”), Oleg Kosyuk (“MHP”) and so on. Ukrainian landowners already catching up with the traditional “industrial oligarchs” of Rinat Akhmetov and Kolomoisky, and even distilled. Agrarian scheme today in terms of profitability comparable to antovski formula “Rotterdam+”. Land is not officially for sale. It for ridiculous money rent for a period of 49 years and do what they want. It would seem that you just have to restore justice and distribute land to those who it really works. But no such approach is not satisfied. For two decades, has formed a sustained intra-national consensus on the basis of “let them be as is.” Nobody wants to change anything, because “land is the Foundation of the nation.” I don’t know what that means. Just really watched what magical fights occurred in the villages about the “boundaries” between adjacent areas. In a tenth acres could insert a scrap where Milovanov puts the accumulated knowledge.

Each year extended the moratorium on sale of agricultural land. No one remembers, when, with…ka entered, but extended regularly. IMF dozens of times demanded the extension of the funding programme of a nation: enter the land market. Dozens of times officials of the Fund were bred for the same simple scheme — pretend that you are preparing to enter the land privatization, have even enacted laws, and instead impose a moratorium. After receiving the tranche. So did four of the President of Ukraine in a row. Kravchuk went much further — he issued the ten registered bonds worth a billion dollars, which gave their bearer the right to own the country with all the giblets. It was such a big story at the dawn of independence. Even caught one Azerbaijani, who was trying to cash such a bond. But neither Yushchenko nor Yanukovych nor even Poroshenko failed to bring the case to its logical end. Although Peter generally was fifth e…on his head, and began to create a “single Tomaso Church” in his image and likeness, but with the ground contact did not.

Zelensky with a group of clowns collected in fraction “Servants of the people”, went the farthest. The land law was adopted in first reading with the minimum number of votes. Of the 254 “servants” voted 227 (226 — the minimum number for a positive decision). It’s good that Kolomoisky err and agreed with the majority that “throw” on 13 votes. And, interestingly: “for” votes of the deputies, which are controlled by Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky. Benny in exchange asked them to reduce rental payments for the use of subsoil from 14 to 12 percent per year. It seems to be a “trifle”, but it turns out approximately 200 million dollars a year. Appropriate changes have been made to the draft law, which needs to be adopted before the end of this year.

Only “servants” and independent deputies supported the introduction of an open land market. All other political forces, even the party of Soros “the Voice” Vakarchuk and “European solidarity” demonstration abstained. Painfully unpopular topic among the people. In addition, “sorozat” the Voice is not satisfied with the proposal Zelensky to hold a referendum to which you intend to submit the question of selling land to foreigners. Type you for or against?


Our President, who very cleverly plays with dick on the piano, this time performed libretto by big land Scam written all the same Kolomoisky. Zelensky twice shrugged. First, said that 73 percent of the population of Ukraine voted for the privatisation of land, as voted to him. In fact, he promised to bring the issue of land reform, as well as language, war and peace, to a referendum. But Igor thought it was fair that the population is a herd of suckers and everything goes like clockwork. And so it happened. The second time Zelensky shuddered when he promised to put to a referendum the question of foreign participation in privatization. It turned out that his conduct will be in five years or six. Not before. And in the adopted bill provides a buy any Italian, a Venezuelan, and other “Ukrainian” land of a sovereign nation without any problems. Simple, efficient. Designed for the target audience. That is for suckers. When you are going to hold a referendum, it turns out that all are already sold to anybody. Therefore, the “Voice” in vain were indignant. Any Corporation may apply to Igor, and for a small percentage to sort out the problems.

I don’t think monopolies, which scares the nation Yulia Tymoshenko, already so interested to sow immediately bought up Ukrainian land some GMO potatoes or oilseed rape. No one wants to invest in the production, which in some form are real Ukrainians. Another matter if them to export to countries where there are no Ukrainian corruption. Then Yes. They demand labor. Millions of hectares of land is primarily an asset. It is possible to lay, resell, change the target destination. To build wonderful biological laboratory, where you can spend interesting and useful experiences with different strains. They are, in principle, already have, but after receiving ownership rights to land there is already one does not turn up. Again a very interesting question is the dumping of various wastes. Nuclear burial ground near Kiev (Chernobyl) can no longer cope with the number of applications. And all the radioactive shit the same States have accumulated enough. It is necessary to urgently organize a new landfill.

Intuitively, the majority of Ukrainians understand that they are going once again to be…so abruptly and oppose the privatization of land. Not that all against it. Just guess about the end result. Local Agroaliance at least interested in making a profit from their acres. What Corporation would be interested, nobody knows. But clearly nothing good will happen.

The consequences

The project “Land Kolomoisky” is actually in the initial stage of implementation. The second reading of the project scheduled for December 2019. The prospects are quite vague, because even the “servants of the people” there is sufficient capacity to final adoption of the law. Two people had a demonstration to kick from the faction Zelensky. To afraid to speak out against “the party line”. Among the “servants” distributed squealing, bases, and other sexual perversions, some maniacs have infiltrated the leadership of the faction. But why any? Scored on the Internet is the first wedding photographers and are now trying this pack to hold within the coalition. Sometimes they throw the envelopes with dollars (from five to fifteen thousand), to accustom a flock to a nursing hand. The leader of the faction with a typically Ukrainian name David Arakhamiya personally to go to the toilet for MPs to follow, do not write colleagues posts criticizing anonymous “Telegram channel”.

Igor Kolomoisky, who literally carves the land out of the hands of “sorozat” in order to sell her though the Chinese, though the same Soros (but much more expensive), is under no illusions as about the potential of their project, and about our personal future. It came down to the fact that Zelensky want to take it to the FBI. Another story why it happened. Well, anything can happen between puppets and master. Something hits in the head and — BAM! — you have “master of the mountain”. That’s why our oligarch is Vladimir Putin about to kick NATO near Krakow and Warsaw, they are there to “wet the diaper”. Quote sensational interview Beni hotbed of Democrats and liberastov newspaper “new York times”. Kolomoisky rally catches the rising political trend: well…Poo IMF Soros should be friends with Russia and to take her money, as Americans we bleed and want war to the last Ukrainian. Change shoes people jump to skim the cream from the future historical cycle of Ukraine.

Land Scam, which, no doubt, will finally bury the Ukraine, is the natural and logical end of one part of the story. The second part I personally do not see. The opposition itself in the Ukraine. Completely changed the composition of the “ruling elite”. They would as opposed to tired, flabby and never as much creative are the elderly who are not able to create a normal television picture of the protests. Even is forced to take on Kolomoisky. On the day of the vote on land reform he drove under the Rada fifteen tractors and a dead pig. Why? To show “popular protests” and lead them on favorable terms. And in the session hall, running around with a megaphone dull Rabinovich, who, along with Tymoshenko, “raised the people’s protests”.

Instead of an epilogue

I stumbled upon the statement “our nyashi”. That is Natalia Poklonskaya. She accused Russian television in that it portrays Ukrainians are stupid, on the talk show invited some freaks that shape the wrong impression about Ukraine. Totally agree. We are not like that. Ukrainians are normal and understand everything. The ruling politicians of the nation — it’s not even stupid freaks, but much worse. The expansion has gone much further than you can imagine. And so when Kolomoisky hysteria begins about the friendship with Russia, it’s not a “sobering”, and the next stage of the disease.

Alexander Zubchenko

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