The end of the european Union

La fin de l’Union européenne

After you have obtained an international success, with Women of a dictator, Diane Ducret returns to the theme of power and politics with her new novel, The Dictatrice. She imagined the end of the european Union, the return of the dictatorship, and a huge chaos. It poses a great question in his book : the world would be better off if a woman was in power ?

Diane Ducret, in interview, explains that The Dictatrice is his first work of political fiction. “I imagined a whole world, a universe of political and totalitarian, but a complete world. I had never done it before. “

The action begins in Munich in 2023, while a young woman carried away by anger, at a protest, grabs a steak and throws it in the face of a head of State. The situation is escalating and the West is sinking into chaos. Will he find a new guide, years later ?

The context that she describes is explosive. “We have seen very little political fiction in the feminine, either in essays, series, or novels. It is always associated with the conquest of power, so something quite masculine, when we think of House of Cards or something else. “

The news has motivated. “I really have this fear of the world as it is in the process of scroll in our news. I have seen the situation in Europe, a complete change with the radical movements of the left as well as right-wing, religious, environmental. “

She finds that the words are more violent, note that the inequalities are increasing in Europe and that the sense of injustice is widespread. “Seeing all of these elements, I started to say to me that there was a risk in Europe that the air is ripe for dictatorship again, and to the ideology. It made me think of Women of a dictator, as I wrote there are already 10 years old. I am told that there was a danger and that nobody seemed to see. “

In her novel, she describes the end of the european Union. It could occur ? “Yes, really. England is already out. Extreme right-wing movements are trying to take power in some countries. The wish of these people, it is the end of the european Union, the return of borders, exclusion, the domestic primacy. I find that, truly, the time is ready for this and there is such a danger. “

In the book, all the States agree to put an end to the european Union. “Legally, it is possible in the articles of association of the Union. It is this that is terrible. We realize that the european Union is not a people, not an entire continent. Finally, it is what ? A dream ? A culture ? A projection ? Finally, this dream, if it is destroyed, if it loses the values, there is nothing that makes it hold together. “

The world would be better off if a woman was in power ? “If the woman is truly the equal of the man, and that the exercise of power is not connected to a gender, well, the woman can really be a dictator and giving birth to a totalitarian ideology, it also. “

  • Diane Ducret is a novelist and essayist.
  • She wrote the best-selling Women of a dictator, translated into 25 languages, and The Flesh forbidden , and The best way to walk is the one of the pink flamingo.


Diane Ducret
Editions Flammarion
512 pages”>

The Dictatrice
Diane Ducret
Editions Flammarion
512 pages

They went to the end. The twenty-seven leaders come to decide on the dismantling of the european Union, behind the bulletproof glass of the Neues Rathaus of Munich.

They have not had to do this to be lost in endless negotiations, as the England and its laborious attempt to exit. What has been decided by the will of the States can be defeated only by the will of the same States. The more terrible and the more of a paradox for Europe is that it was easier to get all States at once rather than only one. The law called for the annihilation, but not the amputation.

A simple extraordinary meeting has been enough to undo the ties that were thought to be indestructible. “

– Diane Ducret, The Dictatrice, Editions Flammarion Québec

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