The end of the grace period of customs clearance of cars on avtonomera

The government introduced a grace period at competitive prices, which will soon be completed – in the customs said, will benefit.

Завершення пільгового періоду розмитнення автомобілів на єврономерах

Reduced period of customs clearance of cars on foreign registration ends February 22 – during which time each interested owner of a car on problemach can customs clearance of cars at a lower price. The head of the Volyn customs Victor Krivitsky said, will continue the grace period, informs Rus.Media.

Grace period for clearance will end on February 22 and will not be extended – this is the order of the Chairman of the tax Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Nina southerner. From 22 February the grace period ends and the basic excise tax rates are as follows:

  • for cars with petrol engine of up to 3 thousand cubic cm – €50, more than 3 thousand cub. cm – €100;
  • for diesel cars with an engine capacity of up to 3.5 thousand cubic meters. cm – €75, and more – €100.

Currently, and until February 22, inclusive, the customs clearance of the car on the drivers avtonomera costs half the price, thanks to the grace period.

At the same time, the head of customs informed that in may 2019, the law enforcement authorities will apply the “tough financial penalties”, which includes even the confiscation of the vehicle if the driver has violated the customs regime.

By the way, the “grace period” played a role in filling the budget of Ukraine about 1.6 billion UAH came to the Treasury.