The end of the season ahead for “It ends well the week”

Fin de saison devancée pour «Ça finit bien la semaine»

MONTREAL – “It ends well the week” will complete its tenth season this Friday, three weeks earlier than planned due to the pandemic of COVID-19, which affects the middle of the small screen such as all other areas. But Julie Bélanger and José Gaudet end when even the year of their television, head high, with the feeling of duty accomplished.

“The issue of Friday, was not thought of as our last at the time it was made, so that the measures [of security] the government did that begin,” explains Julie Bélanger in an interview. But in view of the exceptional situation and for the safety of everyone on the board, my bosses have decided to stop the broadcast and recordings, and I was okay with it.”

This last appointment in spring 2020 has, however, been filmed without a studio audience.

“It was particular as atmosphere, but once the interviews are parties, forget it and it remains in the same tone than usual,” notes Julie Bélanger.

It is known that, in the past few weeks, other forums popular, such as “live from the universe” and “Tout le monde en parle” have also eliminated the assistance of their design to comply with the recommendations of social distancing issued by the government.

A dream realized

Before you leave – it is not yet known if It “ends well the week” will return for an eleventh season on TVA in the fall – Julie Bélanger and José Gaudet jaseront with Phil Roy, who will be entitled to some surprises and that we will taste of his own medicine,” in the manner of what he does himself live for his guests to “Phil” prompt, leave some sparkle to Julie Bélanger.

The couple formed by Émily Bégin and Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge will focus on his multiple projects, and reveal a few secrets about her marriage, and Benoît McGinnis, in honor of his first visit to life in the décor of “That ends well the week” will be a fantasy… on four wheels, he who aspired “to conduct business-to-engine in the wood,” says Julie Bélanger by bursting into laughter.

“We took him at his word and realizing his dream,” says the latter, amused, adding that other heads are known, including Michel Barrette, will also appeared unexpected.

It has now been seven years since Julie Bélanger and José Gaudet copilotent “It ends well the week”, which had first taken the antenna in 2010 with Isabelle Racicot and Mélanie Maynard in command. The “talk show” has crossed the milestone of 200 episodes in February 2019.

With ratings that tickle the million viewers in preliminary data and in excess of confirmed results (that is to say including the recordings and viewings recorded), a complicity in gold between the two co-facilitators, in which they have frequently spoken, and a pleasure renewed each week, both for the team and for the guests, one can speak of a winning recipe for the entertainment of the Friday evening for many Quebecers.

“For us, it was our season’s most outstanding, at all levels,” says Julie Bélanger. We had the best audience ratings in its 10 years of existence of “That ends well the week”. We managed to pick up a new audience. A lot of people tell me that they watch the show as a couple, and that it is their time to pour their first glass of wine from the end of the week, laughing and having “fun”. It was the mission that was given, and we are happy. Even at the level of the organization, after seven years, there has been something established in the team, which is done in organic way. This is what we find important, and that the artists tell us when they come to us, it is that the guests feel well on our shelf, and have a good time with them.”

“It ends well the week”, this Friday, 27 march, at 19 h, in VAT.

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