The engagement of Bieber forced Gomez to boast otvetstvennym press

Помолвка Бибера заставила Гомес похвастаться отфотошопленным прессом

Selena Gomez can not boast of a perfect figure, her protruding tummy is seen in the frame. After the engagement, her ex-boyfriend Bieber, screens out advertising with the perfect Gomez in the frame.

The famous singer Selena Gomez starred in an advertising company sports company Puma, where she appeared with slim waist and perfect abs, which has cubes. After the release of such advertising on the screens, specialists effortlessly noticed that the image of a star to succumb to hard photoshop. As you know the celebrity has an excellent figure, her small tummy can be seen in all of her videos.

After analyzing footage of the advertising campaign, you can clearly see in one photo the shadow of the folds over track pants and outstanding forms which as the batter from the shell stick out from them. But Gomez herself is very different from his own shadow.

Advertising company Puma star was launched the next day after Justin Bieber who was beloved stars. Fans assume that thus the engagement of Bieber forced Gomez to boast otvetstvennym press. Recall that one of Bieber became the model Hailey Baldwin. The singer, who suffered for selenium this spring, will not cry over what is lost: judging by his Instagram, he has completely reconfigured in a new relationship.


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