The entourage of Martin Carpentier swim in the open mystery

L’entourage de Martin Carpentier nage en plein mystère

The misunderstanding of the most complete reigned always yesterday, in the aftermath of the discovery of the body of Martin Carpentier after 12 days on the run. For friends and colleagues who have seen no harbinger of anything, the absence of answers is always difficult to accept.

Mathieu Arsenault was the immediate superior of Martin Carpentier in Falex Paint. It ensures that there was nothing to suggest that such a drama was about to play in the previous days.

Even on Wednesday, the famous accident on highway 20, Carpentier had asked for a service to his boss for the next day. “He would not have asked to leave early on [Thursday] if he knew that something would happen”, questions always Mr. Arsenault, who is said to swim in “the blur, the more total”.

Present for his girls

As for the girls, Carpentier was very present for them, according to his colleague. He said not being able to imagine the father “to hurt his girls.”

“If it was entered in the scouts, it wasn’t for [the survival in the forest]. He said it was to spend time with her daughters in the week that he had not the guard,” remembers Mr. Arsenault who believes that something has pushed Martin Carpentier on the evening of the accident. “I think it is sudden. […] Nothing can explain what happened to me.”

The descent to the underworld of Martin Carpentier makes no more sense for another friend and former work colleague, who prefers not to be named.

“What was the trigger in all of this? I have no idea. […] He wouldn’t sign a guy who was going to do…” says the man, saddened by this whole affair, without finishing his sentence.

Carpentier seemed to be a loving father and close to his girls. “He talked about it with admiration”, he remembers. Now that he is dead, “there are questions that are going to stay all the time with no answers”, is concerned there.

For the moment, no member of the immediate family of Martin Carpentier has not commented on the events.

On the side of the mother of the girls, the lawyer Maxime Roy, who accompanied the family, said that Amélie Lemieux was not anticipated to react to the moment with the discovery of the body of her ex-husband, waiting for an “official confirmation of the SQ and a meeting to know the details of the investigation.”

— With the collaboration of Dominique Lelièvre

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