The epidemic “under control”, Germany déconfine

L’épidémie «sous contrôle», l’Allemagne se déconfine

Many stores re-opened their doors Monday in Germany, the first step of a long operation déconfinement in a country where the outbreak of novel coronavirus is “under control”.

Food shops, bookshops, car dealers… The majority of shops of a surface area of less than 800 square metres will again be able to accommodate clietns from Monday morning.

It is the first step of the strategy déconfinement developed by Angela Merkel and, as federalism requires, the leaders of the 16 German Länder.

The chancellor, whose management of the crisis was welcomed by the Germans, intends to revive an economy in a recession in march, a critical situation which should continue for several more months.


With more than 135,000 cases officially identified and approximately 4,000 deaths, the pandemic is under control and manageable,” in Germany, according to the words of the minister of Health, Jens Spahn.

For the first time, the most monitored infection rates, which measure the number of people infected by each sick of the Covid-19, thus fell on Friday to less than 1 to be limited to 0.7, according to the Robert Koch institute, the federal authority in charge of epidemiological monitoring.

This “success” is nonetheless “fragile”, warned angela Merkel, who was herself placed two weeks in isolation at his home in berlin after having been in contact with a doctor tested positive to the disease Covid-19.

“We will not be able to live our old life before long. The distance and the protection will remain the rule and measure of our daily life,” says Armin Laschet, leader of one of the most affected regions, the North Rhine-Westphalia, and candidate for the presidency of the conservative party CDU.

Germany intends to raise gradually the social restrictions in place since a month.

Schools and colleges do not will re-open as well as from 4 may, beginning with the older students. In Bavaria, the Land most affected by the epidemic, the start is scheduled one week later.

The regional ministries of Education, with Germany’s main prerogatives education, must submit by April 29, measures to ensure that students comply with them reasonable distances, in particular by reducing the size of classes and learning groups.

The no group more than two people in the public space, except in the family, is also extended. The minimum distance of 1.5 metres should continue to be observed between each person.

As for salons, they will re-open them also that as of 4 may. Massage Salons, and beauty, and tattoo artists remain closed.

Cultural venues, bars, restaurants – except for deliveries -, play areas, sports grounds, remains closed.

Large gatherings such as concerts or sports events, will remain banned at least until 31 August.

Protections obliagtoires in Saxony

Germany intends to accompany this déconfinement progressive by a series of measures to stem the epidemic. It account as well to multiply the tests in order to isolate the sick. It has produced approximately 1.7 million so far.

The wearing of masks is not at this point mandatory, but it is “strongly advised” by chancellor Merkel.

Germany should thus produce from August, 50 million masks per week, of which 10 million filter masks meet the standard of protection FFP2.

The mask, made it mandatory for an experiment in Jena, would be essential to stop the contagion. This Thuringian town had not recorded Friday, new cases of infection since a week, according to the German press.

The Land of Saxony, located in the former East Germany, has decided to make compulsory from Monday, wearing a protective mask or scarf.

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