The erogenous zones of each Zodiac sign

Each of us is a strong personality not only in everyday life but also in the intimacy. To know the erogenous zones of zodiac signs, you should familiarize yourself with some of the recommendations presented in this article.

Ерогенні зони кожного знаку Зодіака

During sexual foreplay and intercourse, we need some stimulation, which will help to achieve the ultimate physical satisfaction. If you know in advance what erogenous zones zodiac signs are especially sensitive to caresses, it is possible simultaneously to reach orgasm and to get unforgettable pleasure. For example, Aries is excited when caressing his face and nibble on your ear. Aquarius love tenderness and gentleness, not roughness, in the process of sex. Leo will turn into a submissive and affectionate kitten if the sex together with your partner to take a bath. Erogenous zones zodiac signs are different for everyone, but after learning them, you can find a delicate approach to sexual partner. As a result, to feel and understand what real pleasure during intimacy and how you can extend sexual intercourse. After all, for an intimate pleasure seeking without exception, desiring to achieve “quality” and not quantity in their love


Erogenous zones for Aries are the head, so they like to feel the gentle touch of the forehead, lips, nose and entire face. Significantly Aries reacts to the gentle shuffling and brushing of the hair, as well as to poglazhivanie elite. If you gently hold his head with fingers, then Aries will easily get excited. Male Aries like when you gently bite the earlobe. A woman will not mind if in her ear podoyti and lips while kissing starts a little bit to nibble on. This awe leads her a kiss on the eyelids, and the man feels a real pleasure when you RUB him or scratch his back. To know the erogenous zones Aries women, we need to see how she really is crazy about only one kind of men, which has bristles and dense vegetation on the face. She feels the excitement when kissing a bearded or mustachioed man. Woman Aries is on the “seventh heaven” in anticipation of sexual pleasure. Husband loved it, when the fingers touch his lips, or “draw” circles around the mouth. Most importantly, do it carefully and, if accidentally.


Erogenous zones for Taurus are the neck and the head. They are very sensitive to finger touches and gentle kisses on my throat. If you lightly touch the neck of the Calf, he instantly excited. Only to touch it gently and it should by chance. When a woman corrects a man Calf shirt collar, she can quietly hold the nails to the throat. The reaction to the touch is immediate. If Taurus woman sunbathing on the beach, then you can gently shake her body from the sand. She will shiver with pleasure. Taurus erogenous zones are not only on the head but on the back. Excite her light nibbling on the neck that follow around the spine. It is important that this all happened slowly and without fuss. No need to rush the situation, and to violate the Calf calmly and thoughtfully.


Erogenous zones Gemini occur on the arms, shoulders and fingers. If you kiss a woman Twin to these places, it will come in awe and quickly moved. Her arms and hands quickly react to gentle caresses. The Gemini man loves, when he one by one slowly, kissing the fingers. If you gently touch the hands of the Twin palm, he will be thrilled. His skin and whole body will immediately run “goose bumps”. Male Gemini will reciprocate and begin mutually to fondle your partner. Erogenous zones Gemini located on the back, so when you kiss or touch the spine, it will not be able to restrain the desire. The twins like it when the tongue or lips hold across the arm from the armpit to the elbow. The reaction to such affection will be violent.


Cancer loves kissing a hot, long and heartfelt. From this it follows that the erogenous zones of the Cancer located on the lips and tongue. He likes sensual “French kiss”. Many Cancers can orgasm just from a kiss. Cancer is the sensitive breast area. This concerns both women and men. They love it when caressing the nipples with his lips and hands. Especially if you touch your breast from below with your fingertips. Feeling Cancer after these caresses indescribable! In the process you can gently twist his nipples, gently kissing and even biting. Cancer like, when he slightly retracted nipples during foreplay to sex. Erogenous zones for Cancer men is on the breast. If a woman during intimacy gently run your fingers in this area, then Cancer will experience unearthly pleasure. Even the little hairs on your body can react to a light touch.


Erogenous zones of a Lion is on the back. Therefore, the prelude to sex it is better to start in the bath or shower. If a woman starts gently rubbing the back of a Lion with a washcloth, you will notice how quickly the skin will turn red and will react to these touches. It is advisable to hold the spine from bottom to the top and Vice versa. The lower region of the back at the Lion especially sensitive, so it can not only stroke, but also carefully scratched. You will notice, like the fierce Lion he in some moment become nice and fluffy” the cat. If you climb into a warm bath, he simulect pleasure and will be ready for further sexual conquests. Erogenous zones of a Lion, women are on the shoulders and back. Her skin is so sensitive that even an accidental touch of her soft and plush fabric that can cause goose bumps and a pleasant shiver. Although, in the same state it might cause the comb and prickly brush. The lower area of the spine is characterized by a wasp sensitivity. The lioness will get crazy in bed and crazy passionate. To finally understand that the female lion is excited to the limit, you need during foreplay to observe the condition and tint of her skin. If she begins to blush from the lower back to the neck and head, then a Lioness ready for intimacy.


Erogenous zones Virgo located in the abdomen. Therefore, if you want to deliver an ideal partner of this sign, then begin to caress its language the abdomen and chest. You can gently touch your hair and stroke your head. Virgin come in excitement when her belly a gentle RUB with a sponge and wash with warm jet shower. It is possible to get into a bubble bath before sexual intimacy. Virgo – neat, so loves water treatments. Put in the bathroom small chair, put the woman to the virgin on her knees and enter her from behind. For more fun, you can direct the soul to the virgin on the breast and abdomen. Erogenous zones Virgo are on the navel, so Pat his lips and fingers. You can do abdominal massage in a circular motion. The maiden reaches the highest pleasure!


Erogenous zones of the Weights are located in the buttocks, waist and buttocks. If during a walk or dance, as if you accidentally touch these parts of the body, then the Scales would come into arousal. They love a gentle hug and stroking hips and buttocks with his hands. Weights underwhelming back massage from bottom to top and Vice versa. Male Libra loves when the partner touches his spine, his nipples. Erogenous zones Libra – lower back and buttocks. To bring a woman Scales in the excitation, it is necessary only slightly to Pat her on the ass. She also loves pinching and nibbling on your lower abdomen. The Libra woman loves when a man enters her from behind. Even aggressive play and spanking on the butt during sex her instantly make. The woman Weights the rounded shape of the buttocks and delicate.


Sexual organs are the erogenous zones of the Scorpion. To evoke passion in men Scorpion enough to touch her hands to his genitals. Even wearing tight underwear, it may come in the excitement. Scorpio woman should be able to bring themselves to true pleasure. It is enough to cross his legs and make rhythmic movements. Touching the labia in the process of friction, she can get an orgasm.

Erogenous zones for Scorpio men located in the penis. He likes it when a woman caresses his tongue and lips. Scorpio woman loves when a partner starts to initiate it, gently kissing the genitals and clitoris.


Erogenous zones of the Sagittarius located in the hips and lower back. But woman Sagittarius on the “seventh heaven” in pleasure as partner gently touches and strokes her hair. She starts purring like a kitten and excited as a tigress, when her comb with a soft brush. Sagittarius man loves when his caress in the genital area and thighs. If you lightly touch your tongue to his perineum and knees, he will be in bed is yours and yours alone. You can gently touch his fingers to his inner thighs. Among men, the archers, many of those who prefer homosexual relations. He becomes agitated when clamped his penis between his legs and teasing the testicles. He rubs them on the thighs of the partner and will find it a heavenly experience.

To the erogenous zones of the Sagittarius is the skin. If you gently RUB it in a circular motion massage cream or beauty oil, it comes in arousal. The thighs and loins are particularly sensitive to such “experiments”. During the prelude, lightly scraping the nails on the back Arrow. Even a short massage he can experience a violent orgasm.


Erogenous zones for Aquarius are of the ankles, calves and feet. If you lightly touch these body parts, Aquarius is already excited. Aquarius like when stroked from his heels, toes and lead them in a circular motion. Only it should be done carefully and gently, that the desire was growing, not fading. Aquarius woman likes to have sex standing up. It is necessary to have the knees of a partner of the calves of the legs and firmly his feet around his calves. In the process of copulation, especially in the bath or the pool, will be the friction of erogenous zones Aquarius. Just have one thing Aquarius does not tolerate aggression and rigidity. It “gets” the tenderness and softness of sex.


To know the erogenous zones of Fish, you need to make them massage the feet and heels. Now it is clear which places sensitive Fish? Of course, this is the lower part of the legs. They love it when you kiss his feet and slightly posmotret fingers during foreplay. Fish get excited, if you touch the ankle and your fingers slide up my leg. Fish become excited, if the partner will take in my mouth your fingers and begin to nibble. Before sex a woman need extra Fish oil in the normal water. She prefers to bring his partner’s feet. She likes to roll between his feet of his genitals. Male Fish excites a woman that puts her vagina toe. The crotch is also a strong erogenous zone Pisces, both men and women.

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