The error all women of Mature age

Ошибка всех женщин зрелого возраста

Our women day after day live in a mode of seduction: buy pushap, color and with difficulty go to the gym to maintain babelnet.

— If you continue in such a spirit once said to me a colleague, when I was with a bun, then in five years you do not want to be!

I probably should have been a little bit scared and immediately enable feat. To understand their responsibility for erection men, so to speak.

Ошибка всех женщин зрелого возраста

Often for us to “follow him” somehow means “match the sexual desires of men.” This approach women is very exhausting. So exhausting that they begin to rebel.

Here you think of yourself. It turns out that I have to give up a juicy steak, a glass of red wine in the evening to take time away from her husband and children, your guests… And it’s taken away time I should spend on some silly movements in the gym, after which someone else’s completely indifferent to me the man suddenly feel his polyribosyl pipes? What the hell?

It is clear that in the mind of our women, brought up on such dubious ideals, very soon, a revolt is brewing. She either continues day after day to perform the feat, and Burgundy becomes all the more powerful, and a layer of makeup thicker, or she just puts on men bolt. Hence all the movement of bodypositive. They are great, they have a notch worried about their babelnet the ladies.

Because it really is easier and cheaper to go to rest in Egypt, or there in Bashkiria, than to try to shake the sluggish Moscow bolt. The woman understands that it’s a shorter way to achieve the target than 40 hours of HLS per week, and three plastic surgeries, one of which with implants.

Add to this the fact that our woman is not sitting on the priest exactly, looking for scarlet sails and on a par with men crachit the hardships of life. And these hardships by the age of 35, and her shoulders begin to ache, the seventh vertebra is covered with fat, and fibrous growths, and everything is strung, like the spit, new and new health problems.

It would seem it’s time to go to the gym, pool, Pilates and massage. But our harsh woman does not know. She knows just about babelnet, and about the men’s pod. And not about their own health. She’s old enough to just fucking colleague with a bun, but isn’t old enough to care for themselves.

Our woman is generally inclined to take care of all — husband, children, grandchildren — just not for me. Your health keep she not love does not know how, and to follow him means for her 10 inch stiletto heel and red and a coat of mascara on the eyelashes.

Meanwhile, absolutely everything deteriorates and becomes unusable, if it is not time to do. So go our beautiful and sacrificial women with low back pain, dangerous for internal organs weight and age of other delights. And I do not know, do not know that with them to do something. I’ll take the time where? I’m lost, bent, not warm up the soup!

But beautiful to be desirable. So instead of caring for the health of ladies sitting vorogushin Pushpa, smeared face cream for 25 thousand and are happy. And some are surrendered, atrahasis jump around weak male libido.

Well, if the day comes when you realize — so don’t… to Follow him is something entirely different than red. This is something that you do just for yourself.

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