The error as a way to self-improvement

One way or another, but mistakes can not be avoided.

Помилки як шлях до самовдосконалення

We all sooner or later wrong. And if there’s something that unites all people, it was their mistake. One way or another, but mistakes can not be avoided. And if you had to do in this life of error, you know you are not alone, informs Rus.Media.

If we lived in a world of people who are not worried about exposing their errors, admit them and openly talking about them to everyone around him, from an early age, then perhaps our attitude to bugs would be much easier. Perhaps we would be happier took his human nature and easier attitude towards others. Maybe we would even give each other more support.

Often, however, the matter is not in it. People are afraid to make mistakes. Should you get something wrong, and you immediately feel remorse. Probably throughout the history of mankind, the survival of the people depended on the absence of errors. Only one mistake, and nature could severely to punish them for it. In addition, negative attitude to errors inherent in our genes. Not to mention the fact that in many social structures, religions and cultures of human error over the centuries been condemned by society.

Studies show that if we begin to violate the generally accepted social norms, our brain instantly reacts to this by issuing an error message.

We hate to look at the lack of self-righteousness, for their failures, the discrepancy between the norms and the lack of recognition on the part of the people from whom we so much crave. The bigger our mistake, the worse we feel.

We just are not very comfortable to get along with his own humanity. School from an early age teach us that any error prevents the achievement of success (remember it for the next failed test). Many systems of society, including education, very often cause us to feel shame, pain and tell us that we are “bad”. Or just not good enough.

But to make mistakes is quite natural. It is through mistakes we learn new things, evolve and discover our true nature, we learn that it is important for us and what our values are.

We are wrong more often than right, so the adoption of his own wrong is sorely needed. Here are some tips on how you can more naturally deal with mistakes.

Never hide your mistakes, especially from myself

If you make a mistake, in any case do not start to deny it. Be honest with yourself and make sure that when you do something wrong. It’s not easy, because the first reaction of a person in such a situation, there is anger and confusion (in the world there is no greater evil than anger at himself).

But we should not let these emotions hinder you to put up with these errors. Taking the fact of their existence, you thereby take the first step to getting a valuable lesson in the future to make better decisions.

Accept the emotions that you are overwhelmed

The only way to accept yourself and your own mistakes is to first accept your feelings. Try to feel everything – the good, the bad and the ugly. Do not avoid their inner world, learn to understand it. Shame, pain, anger, embarrassment, frustration – penetrate each of the feelings that are growing inside of you. Just don’t keep it to yourself. Cry, curse, scream, throw away the anger on a pillow, if need be.

Only after you accept all of your feelings and begin to Express emotions, you will have the ability to think logically and rationally, to learn lessons that give us our mistakes.

Enjoy your mistakes

Try to master the art to enjoy everything that made you bust. Find these things good. This exercise will help you to better know yourself and determine what you might have missed in the process of learning itself.

In addition, look for opportunities to make new mistakes (but not at the expense of other people’s misery) to get to know yourself even better, identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Let your mistakes make you stronger

Mistakes make life real. They help us to understand the nature of existence and what it means to be human. They make our way of life in this world, learn to think, behave and adapt. They point out our strengths and weaknesses, our most profound and authentic interests and Hobbies, and our values and moral principles. We are taught to stick to its own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.

Error – a kind of navigational tools that help us navigate this world, the tools that support our connection with reality and keep our ego in check.

Despite the fact that they can be very painful and destructive, mistakes give us the opportunity to become better to make the right choices and build a better future for themselves.

Look at your mistakes as a resource for your transformation into the best version of yourself.

Learn to talk about their mistakes to others

Strange, but people like it when someone admits his mistakes. Showing others their vulnerability and humanity, we give them inspiration. Our mistakes can inspire them to talk about their mistakes and weaknesses, and to come to terms with who they are.

Error create the possibility of dialogue between people, establishing contact between them and mutual aid. It is the humanity helps us to acknowledge, accept and heal each other, and to show compassion.

The rule is to apologize

Learn to apologize to myself and other people if your mistakes hurt. You agree to take responsibility and make it possible to not only end the suffering, but further healing. And yet you give others a chance to forgive yourself.

When you apologize to him, expresses the sympathy for the fact that so few knew, or still fucked up, despite having the necessary knowledge. Each of us carries his own burden, but we should treat ourselves a little softer and learn to forgive.

And forgiveness is a great opportunity to use your inner critic and to understand what prevents you from forgiving yourself. Learn how to muffle your inner voice and not to dwell on their mistakes. Be kind to yourself. The stronger your obsession with correctness, the higher the wall you build between yourself and the rest of the world. These walls must be destroyed, you need to stop being afraid to be wrong, to heal not only himself, but to heal the society itself.