The escrow account and increase the benefits: what changes are waiting for the Russians from July 1,

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Dmitry Belitsky (“Mir”)


From 1 July the Russians are waiting for several important innovations. Some of them will seriously change the life of citizens of Russia, reports channel “MIR 24”.

A little more than 2% more expensive communal – for the second time in the last six months. The Ministry of economic development explains this necessity: changes are associated with the increase in VAT to 20%.

Another news that will affect the Finance of the Russians – limit interest rates on consumer loans. From July 1 it will not exceed 1% per day and the maximum amount of payments shall not exceed twice the size of the loan. These conditions are prescribed in the contract.

The changes will affect shareholders. Russia moves to a system with escrow accounts. On them the banks will keep the money property buyers and developers will be able to work only on money received as a loan. The money holders will be available to them only after putting the house in operation.

And this is not the only positive change. Non-working parents who are caring for children, invalids of the first group, waiting for higher compensation by almost half. Before the payment was 5500 rubles for a parent or guardian, and 1200 rubles for others.

The tobacco products will have new labeling. From July 1, will prohibit the manufacture and importation of cigarettes and the cigarettes without a unique barcode DataMatrix format. Outwardly, it resembles already familiar to consumers in the QR code.

The new rules are introduced and in stores. Now natural dairy products and products containing vegetable fat should be on different shelves. In addition, yogurt, kefir and some cheeses will be included in the system of electronic verification. This will allow you to track the volume of production and sales.

Hotels from July 1 are required to go through mandatory classification. All hotels of over 50 rooms need to “stardom”. Business as usual is prohibited. To award “stars” are special organizations which have the required accreditation. Hostels this change will not affect.

The new rules are introduced for foreigners. Citizens of other countries who enter Russia under visa-free regime, will be obliged to be photographed and fingerprinted. Within seven days they must notify the migration service about their temporary stay.