The essence of great chablis at a great price!

L’essence du grand chablis à bon prix!

With the beautiful weather finally settles, there is nothing better to freshen the throat that to enjoy a good glass of chablis.

The Chablis is without doubt one of the best cooperative wineries in the world. His story almost centenary foundation (in 1923) allowed him to forge a reputation indisputable, but especially to put in place a system of selection of qualitative, which allows you to showcase the wines of Chablis.

It is a blend of vineyards from the terroirs classified as premier cru: Berdiot, Coast Vaubarousse, Furnaces, Vaucoupin, Vosgros, Beauregard and Cote de Jouan. Land whose exhibits are mainly south-east and south-west. It is this that explains in part the side rich, almost viscous, the wine showing an exemplary attitude. It is that the latter takes advantage of the magic of the soil is marly-calcareous, the famous kimméridgien, which brings the salinity (some would say “minerality”) in the flavors. It is also attributed to the kimméridgien the propensity to develop a good level of acidity of the berries, which translates to an impression of freshness in the mouth. Aromas of pear, citrus confit and shellfish hot. The finish is long and with a certain complexity. In short, we find in his glass the essence of great chablis at a high price sounds good, most of the first growths will retailer almost double that, often more. Perfect with the lobster in which the season begins.

The Chablis, Chablis Premier Cru Grande Cuvée 2017, France

31,25$ – SAQ Code 12794178 – 12,5 % – 2.5 g/l

★★★ ½ $$ ½


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