The eternal optimism of Khari Jones

L’éternel optimisme de Khari Jones

Since coming to office, Khari Jones has always adopted an optimistic approach with his team. This is not the pandemic the COVID-19 that is going to change. The head coach of the Alouettes, believes that there will be a season in the canadian League in 2020 that it is complete or shortened.

In a video conference with a dozen journalists, Jones says it is prepared for all the scenarios that are on the table.

“There will be a season and we do everything in our power to ensure that it happens, he pointed out. I know the players and they are all excited at the idea of playing.

“There are several key factors before arriving there. I am optimistic, but I am not a doctor and I can not predict when the curve will be flattened. I’m taking one day at a time.”

For the moment, the CFL regular season has been extended at the beginning of the month of July. One may ask how many weeks the teams will have for their training camp.

“I go back to all the scenarios in a loop in my head,” added Jones. Through my discussions with my group of coaches, we are ready to all depending on the type of training camp or the number of regular season games that we’re going to have in front of us.

“For the moment, this seems to cast in concrete, it is the date of the Grey Cup (November 22, in Regina).”

Distancing or not ?

Since a few days, the governments refer to as social distancing will be the norm for the next few months, and this, regardless of the tangent to different curves of public health.

It is difficult to imagine a football match where you see contacts between the players in all the games. Not to mention that they could swap body fluids (sweat or blood) to each sequence.

“Regardless of the number of matches, the only thing that needs to be given priority is the safety of the players, mentioned Jones. There are so many aspects that the league should look at so that it is safe. I know that Randy (Ambrosie) is working hard on it.

“All the other sports, except the baseball may be, are in the same position as us. However, I know very well that there would be no social distancing when plated. It is sure that there would be risks.”

Never say never

In an interview with TSN in the last few days, the receiver S. J. Green has declared that he would be ready to make a return to Montreal to complete his career in the uniform of the Cheerleader.

“I never said any of the other possibilities, mentioned Jones on this subject. You never know what can happen in the course of a season.

“I know S. J, and I love what he brings on the football field. However, we are in a good position at the level of recipients in anticipation of the next season. We will see how the situation will evolve in the coming months.”

With Eugene Lewis, B. J. Cunningham, Dante Absher, Naaman Roosevelt and Jake Wieneke, the Alouettes have a squad balanced. For what is Quan Bray, his file with the american justice advance at a snail’s pace since his arrest for possession of a large quantity of cannabis in February.

“I haven’t talked to Quan lately. I don’t know all the details of his situation. It has scenarios with him in our team and without him,” said Jones about his receiver.

There is not only the negative in the pandemic of the COVID-19. The reports of the early camps and the regular season will allow players who have suffered significant injuries in 2019 to have more time to return to health. This is particularly the case of Tony Washington and Taylor Loeffler.

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