The EU and Russia urged the party to create a coalition

ЕС и Россия призвали партии Молдовы создать коалицию

Negotiations with the authorities and the opposition. In the protracted political crisis of Moldova was trying to understand European and Russian officials. The special representative of the President of Russia on development trading-economic relations Dmitry Kozak and the European Commissioner for neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn met with representatives of the authorities, reports the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Kseniya Janeeva.

A possible coalition is the most discussed topic in the media the last three months. All this time the party can’t form a parliamentary majority. Today with the leaders of the parties met European Commissioner for neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn. The official said: politicians should hurry, because early elections can lead to economic difficulties in the country.

“I hope that all the political parties understand the extent of his responsibility. In case of early parliamentary elections there is a risk that the IMF will cancel the financial assistance program. It will have its unpleasant consequences. After today’s discussions, I think the formation of the coalition is a small problem, if there is political will, courage, sense of responsibility,” – said Johannes Hahn.

On how quickly the government will start working, depends on trade-economic relations between the two countries. Including between Moldova and Russia. This and other topics were discussed by the special representative of the President of Russia, Dmitry Kozak, the country’s President Igor Dodon. The Russian delegation expressed hope that the new government will support the cooperation of Moldova with the EAEU and the CIS countries.

“The position occupied by the Party of socialists and President of the Republic of Moldova, we are nice, as is a balanced one. Choosing the European vector, it is not necessary to burn bridges, it is necessary to operate profitably and with Russia and with the Eurasian economic Union”, – said Dmitry Kozak.

To maintain relations with all international partners promised the President of Moldova Igor Dodon.

“Russia is our strategic partner. We clearly and consistently will conduct foreign policy. We will cooperate with the EU on projects that we have. But this does not mean that we will be friends against someone. We need to resume dialogue and strategic partnership is not only at the presidential level, but also at the level of governments and parliaments. I hope it will happen,” he stated.

The President also recalled that the talks expires in four days. Igor Dodon gave the leaders of the parties until the end of this week. If the coalition does not appear, the President will dissolve the Parliament and appoint early elections.

The next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. The Pro-presidential Party of socialists to negotiate invited their opponents, the opposition bloc AKUM and Democrats. At the invitation of Democrats to negotiate, the socialists have not yet responded. The decision will be made at the national Council of the party of socialists, which will be held in the coming days.