The EU Council approved 13 new defense projects

Совет ЕС утвердил 13 новых оборонных проектов

The EU Council on foreign Affairs, which met on 12 November in Brussels in the format of defense Ministers, has approved 13 new projects in the framework of permanent structured cooperation, the EU in the field of defense.

This is stated in the communiqué of the Council following the meeting.

“The Board approved an updated list of projects, supplemented by 13 new projects that should be undertaken within the framework of permanent structured cooperation. The decision today brings to 47 the total number of projects”, – stated in the message.

The paper reported that five of the new projects directed on training of personnel, including the various spheres of activity from cybersecurity to defense against weapons of mass destruction.

Other projects are aimed at strengthening cooperation between the EU military and the development of European defense capabilities in sea, air and outer space.

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